Dallas Stars Daily Links: Los Angeles Kings Win Stanley Cup on Home Ice

In which the Kings beat the Rangers once in regulation, the Rangers beat the Kings once in regulation, and yet the Kings won the series 4-1. In summation, the Kings are really good at flipping coins...

This is it! The offseason has begun!

Wait, but what about...

Yep, the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup, again, as they keep reminding us, and hockey is officially done until next season.

Wait, but there's still the series between...

The Rangers have gone back to New York thinking about what might have been, if only they had been a good team in the Western Conference. And the Kings stayed in Los Angeles, because of course they did. There's going to be a parade in their honor today! Check your local TV listings. I'm sure it won't be on there.

Yes, but what about the Calder Cup Final?

The what?

The AHL championship series. Still ongoing. Between the St. John's IceCaps and...

...the Texas Stars! Woohoo! How could we forget? It's only been five days since they last played. But anyway, the offseason has not begun! It won't truly begin until Wednesday at the earliest. Lovely.

Game time tonight will be 7:30p Newfoundland Time. Which, if you're like me, means nothing at all. I looked it up though. Apparently they're 2 and a half hours ahead of Central Time. Weird. I'll save you doing the math, that'll be 5p Texas time. Happy hour hockey!

* * *

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The Syracuse Crunch of the AHL will open next season, in France. In Lyon to be more specific, where they'll hold their training camp, and play a few exhibition games against Lyon's top-tier team, and the AHL's Binghamton Senators. Isn't that cool? [Syracuse Crunch]

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And lastly, the end of CBC's production of Hockey Night in Canada: