Dallas Stars Daily Links: Kings Take Series Lead over Rangers

In which the Kings and Rangers flip a coin to determine the winner of Game 1, I am forced to resort to following baseball while waiting for Game 2, and basketball *#%@ing sucks...

What? No Texas Stars games to talk about? Guess we're stuck with the Stanley Cup Finals.

Game 1 is in the books! I'll let Darryl Sutter tell you all about it:

That man... is priceless.

In case you missed his responses they went like this: *crickets chirping*

Happily, there are other people out there who are more eloquent than Darryl Sutter. I mean, check out this headline in the New York Post: "In battle of destiny's darlings, Kings prove more charmed." And yes, I'm pretty sure he stole that from the tagline of a Disney movie.

How about eloquence from the people who really matter though? From the bloggers. Of course, those bloggers might write about the same topic, but it's not the same story. From Blueshirt Banter, we read about how the Rangers "gave that game away." While Jewels from the Crown prefer to talk about the Kings "Deserved Comeback Win." Who's to say where the real story lies?

Whatever. We all know the Kings are going to win the Cup anyway.

* * *

Some thoughts on the Texas Stars' upcoming series against the St. John's IceCaps. How to scout a team you've never played before? [100 Degree Hockey]

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So Dan Boyle got traded. Whether or not that means he'll end up playing for the team that traded for him is anyone's guess, but either way, he is no longer a Shark. [Fear the Fin]

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Henrik Lundqvist needs to step it up for Game 2. [The Onion]

Maybe I like this article so much because I'm a total nerd about linguistics. Or maybe it's a good article. I can't tell. But comparing hockey players to cavemen is amusing at least, right? [The Score]

Is it too late for previews of the Stanley Cup Finals? Well, yes and no. There are potentially 6 games left after all. [Grantland]

And lastly, for the number of times insecure hockey fans bring up how much better the NHL is than the NBA, it's nice when mainstream media picks up on it too. Granted, they're going to do a counterpoint in the next few days and say why the NBA is better than the NHL, but for now, we have this, and the safe knowledge that whatever they say about the NBA being better will be wrong. And in case you need a summary, Larry O'Brien has nothing on Lord Stanley. Larry O'Who? Exactly.