Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lindy Ruff Calls Philadelphia Game "Garbage Hockey"

You gotta love the coach, telling it like it is.

Opening night was an encouraging thing for Dallas Star fans. The Stars and Chicago Blackhawks went at it like a couple of heavy-weight fighters in late season form- Back and forth, up and down the ice. It was a clean, crisp game with a lot of skill.

Then there was last night, which Stars head coach Lindy Ruff would describe quite frankly as "stupid" and "garbage."

From the Dallas Morning News, here is part of what Ruff said...

"We played stupid hockey. Lack of focus. Play like that, you deserve to lose."

"We made some great plays in the game, some guys had trouble defending early. I thought we came around. But when you have a two-goal lead, you can't do what we did. Even on the fifth goal we lost two guys on the forecheck for no reason. We let them come all the way up ice. That for me is just lack of focus. That's just garbage hockey."

"We lost focus of what we need to be. All of the sudden, we thought ‘let's try to score six or seven,' but that's not the way this league works. When you're up a couple of goals, you defend. You don't give up situations, you don't take bad penalties. You only get away with so much so long, and we paid dearly for it."

[Dallas Morning News]

So as in Pittsburgh, as in Columbus, it's another night where they put something in the piggy bank point-wise, but it also serves as a learning experience. They have a long way to go before they reach their potential, and nights like that one are illustrative of the kinds of styles and game planning they'll see along the way as teams pay more and more attention.

It will get better. But he's right. There was some garbage hockey last night. From both teams.


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