Dallas Stars Daily Links: Like Hockey? Good. You Should Be a Stars Fan

ESPN's Sean McIndoe tells you how the Stars are saving the NHL. Plus, get ready for tonight's tilt against the Canucks, and a look at the top Hart Trophy candidates.

All right, gather 'round and listen up. Sean McIndoe has an important directive for everyone.

This season, we all need to cheer for the Dallas Stars to win the Stanley Cup.

That's obviously not a hardship for most of us, but McIndoe makes a strong case for why the Stars' success is a good thing for the game. The hope is that, with the NHL being a copycat league, other teams will adopt the exciting pace that Dallas fans see on a regular basis.

As of Wednesday morning, the Stars lead the league in goals per game, averaging 3.48. And at 2.60 goals-per-game allowed, they rank in the bottom half of the league. They're a high-event team, one that makes for must-see TV whenever they take to the ice. An NHL in which 29 teams were all trying to be the Stars would be all sorts of fun.

McIndoe also offers reasons why those in need of a team to cheer for should jump on the Stars bandwagon.

Look, this will be confusing at first. If you're used to watching one of the league's weaker teams, you're going to feel like the game is being played in fast-forward. When a goal happens, you won't always have time to complete an hour-long analysis of the play before the next one comes around. And occasionally, you'll watch both teams go back and forth, trading scoring chances, and then feel confused when Lindy Ruff doesn't immediately call a timeout to scream at his team to never do that again.

But you'll get used to it. And then you'll love it. And then, if it all goes according to plan, you can go back to your boring old team in the offseason, and watch them try to play Dallas Stars hockey.

For more thoughts on why the Stars are the team to root for—despite having, according to McIndoe, "ugly green jerseys"— head to the link. [ESPN]


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