Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lehtonen Enjoying Unofficial Retirement

Lehtonen was most recently seen helping out the Stars during this week’s development camp. Plus, taking a peek at some future Stars, free agents to avoid, and more.

It’s been more than a year since Kari Lehtonen last laced up for a Dallas Stars game. And although he likes to avoid the word “retirement,” he’s found peace knowing he’s already played in his last NHL game:

“I was thinking if somebody has a bad start or injuries and stuff, (I’d) be able to sneak in and go to a team,” Lehtonen said. “But I eventually decided just, ‘This is it.’ I started spending more time at home with my family and kids. I still didn’t like want to announce anything like I’m retiring because I didn’t want to close that door.


“I wanted to see if I get the itch to play again,” Lehtonen said, “but I haven’t felt like I want to suit up.”

In his post-NHL life, Lehtonen has been spending most of his time with family, including helping out with his six-year-old son’s hockey team. But most recently, Lehtonen decided to help out coaching some slightly older young players at the Stars’ development camp:

“I just wanted to know if I could come here and kind of test my feet in goalie coaching,” Lehtonen said on Tuesday. “I can relate a lot better to these young goalies than the little six-year-old ones.”

You can read more from Sean Shapiro here.

Stars Stories

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The Stars signed Taylor Fedun to a two-year contract extension. Just, uhh, don’t talk about it in the comments section:

Around the League

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