Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Best Trade Jim Nill Never Made

Jim Nill has made some great trades during his short time in Dallas, but he almost made one last year that may have looked pretty bad. He didn't, though. Also, Ali Lucia talks about the Stars again, and John Scott has been suspended for being John Scott.

I think the Ultra Line should get a tenth of a point for every pass that makes you go, "uh, no, wait, what...oh! OH! Aww...sigh" By this measure, Dallas would have won in regulation last night by a score of 5.3 to 3.


In the midst of Dallas fans' gratitude for Jim Nill's work in Dallas so far, sometimes lost has been the fact that he is, in fact, human. And an NHL general manager. News flash: human general managers make mistakes sometimes.

And while Sergei Gonchar would practically be a sight for sore eyes in Dallas at this point, last season saw our Russian defenseman being used as Exhibit A of Nill's humanity and corresponding propensity for the occasional error in judgment.

Here's Exhibit B, from Nicholas Cotsonika:

"I was close to making some moves last year," Nill told Yahoo Sports recently, "and it was a good thing I didn’t."


"Yeah. Trades."

What happened?

"Stayed patient," Nill said. "Rode it out. There’s a time for everything. I’m glad I was patient with it."

Nill wouldn’t reveal what he almost did, of course. He just laughed. But he said he might not have been so patient in the past, and he did share this: After the Stars snapped their five-year playoff drought and came oh-so-close to forcing Game 7 in their first-round series with the Anaheim Ducks, he sat with owner Tom Gaglardi and president Jim Lites. They talked hockey, as they often do, and said to themselves, "Oh, boy. Good thing we didn’t do that one." [Yahoo]

There's tons more well worth reading in the rest of the story, including quotes from Ruff, Holland and Nill on the last year and change in Dallas. Nill's character is a recurring theme, but that's no surprise at this point.

Still, you have to wonder what the trade would have been. Honka for Vanek? Nemeth for Daniel Briere? Ralph Strangis for Jack Edwards? The mind recoils...

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