Dallas Stars Daily Links: Montgomery Prepares For Year 2

The Stars’ head coach talked about Benn, Perry, and all sorts of stuff in a recent Q&A. Plus, prospects to look out for this training camp, Justin Williams steps away from hockey, and more.

Believe it or not, but training camp starts for the Dallas Stars less than two weeks from now. And unlike the past two years, the Stars won’t have a new head coach trying to introduce his playing and coaching style. Instead, Jim Montgomery expects his players to jump right into it, spending less time thinking about what they’re doing and more time actually doing it:

When you teach a lot, what happens is you teach, players digest it, players play slower as they get their repetitions. They start thinking their way around the ice. Well, this camp is going to be based more on playing with pace, and we don’t want players thinking. We’re gonna not give them as much structure early, if that makes sense. That’s going to be the biggest difference in camp.

Of course, not everyone at camp was here last year. General Manager Jim Nill scored Dallas some new skaters this offseason, and Montgomery is excited add some skill to the lineup through players like Corey perry:

People look at his goal-scoring, but he has the ability to make plays in tight areas that lead to goals around this net. Everyone looks at how big of an impact someone (Pat) Maroon had for St. Louis, right? The impact maybe wasn’t that noticeable in the regular season, but in the playoffs, oh my god. Corey Perry is that kind of player.

You can read more in Sean Shapiro’s interview with Montgomery here.

Stars Stories

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Around the League

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Ex-Star Valeri Nichushkin is one of several players riding their last chance this season:

Justin Williams is taking a break from the NHL. Perhaps we’ll see him back come January?

Gotta love those sweet, sweet milestones:

Finally, ICYMI: the NHL has decided not to re-open the CBA before it expires. So maybe no lockout?