Dallas Stars Daily Links: Robertson’s Trailblazing

The Stars prospect could become a role model for young Asian hockey players everywhere. Plus, stories on Dallas fifth-round picks past and present, the inside scoop on the Wild firing Fenton, and more.

When it comes to the NHL, there isn’t much diversity. For instance, if Dallas Stars prospect Jason Robertson makes the team out of training camp, he would become the first Filipino-American to play in the NHL.

That’s a pretty significant accomplishment, and would put him in a position to inspire many Filipinos and other Asians alike. In fact, Robertson has already left his mark on one young Korean player in particular:

“He’s like, ‘This kid looks up to you because you’re Asian and there’s not a lot of Asians that play in the NHL, who make it somewhere,’” Jason said. “At that time, I thought, that’s something that I can be a role model towards. Not a lot of people can do that.”

Of course, while simply becoming an NHL regular would be significant in and of itself, Robertson has bigger plans. He has the potential to be a key contributor to a possible Stanley Cup contender team in Dallas, all thanks to his top-tier offensive skills:

“...We really think that’s where Jason found his calling in terms of passing and learning the game, because he, as a bigger player, couldn’t move as fast,” [Robertson’s mother] said. “So what the coach found was get the puck to Jason in the neutral zone and just sprint to the net because Jason will find you. That’s what he does.”

You can read more about Robertson’s heritage and his path moving forward from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

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Around the League

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