Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie Benn's Ted Lindsay Nomination Says It All

The players' opinion might *gasp* be more important than that of the writers? Say it isn't so! Also, Babcock Watch begins in earnest, and Corey Perry is broken, no wait, he's fine.

Hi again, everyone! I visited my mother for Mother's Day because I got some free food out of it. I am basically an average person. Quick hits today.


Rick Gosselin is a sportwriter for the Dallas Morning News. He has been around for a while.

Jamie Benn is the captain of the Dallas Stars. He has been with the team for about half a decade.

Well, Gosselin has some thoughts on both of these folks in a piece he wrote over the weekend, and it turns out that "Goose" is pretty aware of Lindsay, having seen him play and all. No, I'm serious:

There was no more respected player in the NHL in the 1950s, on or off the ice, than Ted Lindsay.

Which is why Stars captain Jamie Benn should be puffing his chest out a bit. He has been named a finalist for the Ted Lindsay Award. This is the ultimate respect award. It’s a balloting for the league most outstanding player, and it’s done by the NHL players themselves, not the media.

The award will be presented June 24 in Las Vegas.

“Over the last two years he’s won a gold medal in the Olympics, became captain of his team and won a scoring title,” Stars general manager Jim Nill said. “It’s amazing what he’s done just in the two years that I’ve been there. And what is he — 25? He’s not even in his prime yet.

“And he’s laying in bed right now with two hip surgeries. He played the whole year injured. People don’t understand that. It’s an amazing what he’s done. The encouraging part is where he’s headed. You know he’s going to get even better.”

During the last 10 games of the season, when the Stars were battling for the final playoff spot in the West, Benn stepped up his game and scored 12 goals. He had a hat trick and three other two-goal games in that stretch on the way to an NHL scoring title. Benn held himself accountable for the success or failure of his team.

And Benn held others accountable — those he played with and against.


Accountability, toughness, leadership...these are all just words until the results on the ice show up. This season, Benn brought some results on the scoresheet, and everyone around the league took notice. Do you know how hard it is to win a popularity contest in a league full of hockey jocks? It's really, really difficult. Think of all the players that Benn beat out to wind up on the short list for the Ted Lindsay, and you really just have to notice that our little fresh-faced winger playing on Modano's wing in the beginnings of his career may just have learned a thing or two about what it's like to be one of the very best there is.

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