Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Summer of Benn

The captain has had quite an eclectic summer. Plus, it’s lists and rankings season, a Miro sighting, and more!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope the upcoming weekend finds you well. I don’t have much to say today, so we’ll get right into it. Enjoy some baseball, life, family, friends, or preseason football, if that’s your thing (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Jamie Benn has stayed busy this summer, seemingly having a good mix of fun and work.  Mike Heika sat down to ask him some questions about it:

On the music he likes to listen to:

Benn: A little bit of everything, really. I’m a big Drake fan, I like my country, I’m kind of all over the map. I like a lot of genres, and it depends on the day and what kind of mood you’re in. I mix it up a lot, fire myself up for workouts or hockey games and then kind of chill out on off days.

On his summer in a nutshell:

Benn: Well, I traveled to start, but now as the season gets closer, I’m back in town and working out. I’m skating four or five times a week now. I made three trips back home (to British Columbia), but I don’t really have long trips back there any more.

He has a really nice quote about the Jim Montgomery hiring and the state of the team, but we also find out that he’s not a fan of arboribus:

Benn: I don’t really want to be a tree.

See more from Mike’s chat with Jamie Benn at the usual spot. [NHL]

Stars Stuff

Inject this directly into my veins:

This would be my wife’s version of a nightmare — she is terrified of mascots:

Here’s some video to accompany the opening to Kathleen’s Wednesday Links:

As our own Robert Tiffin astutely pointed out, the fact that Stars fans were pumped about being ranked No. 16 says a lot about how the fanbase has generally felt about the team’s drafting and development:

This is some malarky:

Derek Laxdal is looking to parlay his success in Cedar Park into an NHL gig:

Around the League

This is some prim off offseason click-bait/debate stuff, but it worked on me. I don’t think I totally agree with the Stars’ four, but I’m not super opposed to it either:

I’ve always liked Ryan Miller as a player and he’s always seemed like a good guy. I thought this article did a really good job showcasing him off the ice and highlighting that athletes should be able to use their platform to stand up for something they believe in:

Tyler Seguin at 50-1 in a contract year is a pretty good value in my opinion:

This sentence should end with, “or play behind starters who could play themselves out of starting jobs”:

Jared Clinton thinks the Anaheim Ducks might have a steal with their Ondrej Kase contract: