Dallas Stars Daily Links: Another Way to Visualize Jamie Benn's Dominance

We know that Jamie Benn is just great, but let's take a look at just how great he really is relative to everyone else. Also, coaches are being hired, except for the Avs assistants, who decided to quit.

There is an excellent profile over on Today's Slapshot about some of the must-follow analytics thinkers in hockey today. You should give it a read, because most of the folks mentioned in that piece really are trying to push, poke and prod the numbers in ways that you don't really see much of elsewhere. Yes, the data are often a bit much to absorb at first, but these intrepid hockeyfolk are just as concerned about seeing what information is there as they are about presenting the data in a digestible format. It's good stuff that you should read.

But the HERO charts are the thing that always pull me in, time after time. Here's what I'm talking about, courtesy of one of the aforementioned writers, Domenic Galamini.

What does vTO mean? It stands for "versus Teammates and Opposition". For example, GF60 vTO is calculated as follows... ( GF60 - Teammate GF60 ) + ( League Avg GF60 - Opposition GA60 ). All stats used in the calculation of vTO metrics are adjusted for zone starts by nixing play that occurs within 10 seconds of off and def zone faceoffs.


I would urge you, or at least gently nudge you, to switch back and forth between the HERO charts for Jamie Benn and John Tavares, for instance. They give you a great sense for the types of players they are, and they're even more useful for showing you just how elite Jamie Benn is when it comes to making pucks go into the opponent's net. (I guess that's sort of what the Art Ross Trophy is for, huh?)

Tyler Seguin, of course, is very similar to Benn in productivity, but there is one big difference in their game when it comes to the third row:

Now, don't get too carried away with these charts. It's exciting to see full metaphorical gas tanks and everything, but as with all numbers, you need to know whence they are derived before you begin parading them around in everyone's faces. Still, it's a fun little tool if you haven't had a chance to play with it before, so I'd reiterate the advice from Today's Slapshot: check out all o' these peoples.

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If the NHL really wanted to increase scoring, they should just add little targets on the boards that automatically release another puck into the rink a la pinball. I'd watch that.

Philippe Desrosiers made 47 saves in a marathon double-overtime game 7 as the Rimouski Oceanic emerged the victors of the QMJHL. Great job, Philippe! [QMJHL]

Episode Three of the Stars Sunday Podcast is up and ready for your earballs, as Josh Bogorad steps in to take over for Bruce (only temporarily, sorry). Topics include "should the NHL reduce goalie pad size" and "Modano's playoff opponent honesty." I listened to it, and I'm in gosh darn California. What's your excuse? [Stars]

The kids are all right in Canada, as proven by Tyler Seguin & Company at IIHF Worlds. Feels weird to think of Seguin as a "kid," though. [Reuters]

And speakin' of Seguin, wouldn't you know it? That li'l scamp went and pulled a whoopsie on Instagram, accidentally posting a locker room celebration photo that included Claude Giroux in the altogether! Oh ho ho, I don't think you're supposed to that, Tyler! Guess we all goof up every once in a while. [Puck Daddy]

The Lightning evened the Eastern Conference Final after a Tyler Johnson SHG/EV/PPG hat trick led the Bolts to a 6-2 victory over the Rangers. [NHL]

Jonathan Drouin is watching the playoffs instead of playing in them, and Brenden Morrow is among those getting ice time instead. Some people aren't super stoked about that. [Tampabay.com]

Philly went a bit "betcha didn't see that coming" with their newest head coach hire, as Dave "not Hextall" Hakstol was announced as the new orange crush. He was formerly the head coach at UND, which is a not insignificant college hockey coaching job. [CBS Sports]

The Oilers also pulled an unexpected move with their new coaching hire, in that I never really though McLellan would want to go to Edmonton. Of course, that was before Craig MacTavish's demotion. Also, can I just say that I am just super glad that Rogers decided to bump Ron MacLean from top anchor duty in favor of George Stroumboulopoulos because I am a member of the younger demographic and boy oh boy I sure do love absurdly pretentious faux hipsters with sweet tats that appeal to my new-wave sensibilities. [SportsNet]

Meanwhile, Mike Babcock will meet with his family today and make some kind of announcement about his future Wednesday, probably. The drama, the drama! [M-Live]

And Patrick Roy just lost two of his assistants, as a couple of Avs assistant coaches gave notice yesterday. [Twitter]

Team Russia is going to be super-punished [read: sanctioned] for leaving the ice before the Canadian anthem during the IIHF medal ceremony. Despite Ovechkin's efforts to keep his team on the ice, the Russian team was "completely out of order" in their early 86ing, and certain people are not thrilled about it. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Sean McIndoe has 10 thoughts on the conference finals that you will be glad to have read, so read them right now before the internet closes for the day. [Down Goes Brown]

Finally, do you think this should be a goal? It was almost the first 5-on-3 shorthanded goal since like 2011-12, but a Lightning stepped out of the box just before the puck went in: