Dallas Stars Daily Links: Is Great Goaltending Really That Important?

Want to win a Stanley Cup? Apparently, you don’t need a great goaltender to do it. Also, the Blackhawks beat the Lightning last night, and you, too, can be the proud owner of a hockey team.

You know what they say: A good man goaltender is hard to find. But maybe you don't need a great goalie to win the Stanley Cup any more. At least, that's what Chris Boyle over at SportsNet is saying. Boyle uses a few fancy charts to illustrate his point, but the general idea is that if you give an "adequate" goaltender a strong supporting cast, you can make a deep playoff run.

Considering that neither Corey Crawford nor Ben Bishop have looked like Conn Smythe candidates (and aren't Vezina finalists, for that matter), and that Carey Price could only carry the Canadiens so far, the argument holds up pretty well for the 2015 postseason.

To be clear, Boyle's not saying that goaltending doesn't matter at all. Here's the thought process:

It [goaltending] is important. The question is whether it's important to have a great goaltender or just an adequate one. Even when a goaltender wins the Conn Smythe Trophy, he isn't necessarily integral to the success of the Cup winner. Jonathan Quick gets a ton of credit for the 2012 Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup victory, but the Kings didn't need dominant goaltending to win.

I recently referenced a stat by Philip Myrland called the Win Threshold, which essentially measures what save percentage a goaltender would need to produce to finish at .500 or, for playoffs' sake, make it to overtime. During the 2012 post-season, Jonathan Quick could have produced a nightly save percentage of .894 and the Kings would have played 20 overtime games.

What Win Threshold really indicates is goal support. And what it has shown over the past dozen seasons, unlike in past eras, is that spectacular goaltending is now rarely required to have sustained playoff success.

Agree? Disagree? Let's hear it.


You may have noticed we had ourselves a Game 1 last night. The Chicago Blackhawks beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 2-1, with the game-winner coming courtesy of Antoine Vermette. There was a third period comeback, a (potential) biting incident, and a goal off a crazy deflection. Hold on to your seats, y'all. It's just getting started.

Here's the aforementioned tip from Alex Killorn again, because there's no way you're over how awesome it was.

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