Dallas Stars Daily Links: Inside Tyler Seguin’s Rehab

It was a long and grueling process, but Seguin has finally made it back to NHL action. Plus, Dallas takes on the Lightning tonight, the Rangers issue a statement about Tom Wilson, and more.

This past Monday, Tyler Seguin finally made his season debut for the Dallas Stars, his first hockey game in a little more than seven months. To put it lightly, Seguin’s journey through rehab was not easy.

For instance, Seguin’s surgeries were on his hip and later his knee, but the proximity of the two surgeries to one another ended up costing him his quad as well:

“I ended up losing kind of my whole quad muscle,” Seguin said. “That’s what I’ve been dealing with the last five months, rebuilding the quad and have all the mechanics moving properly.”


“He comes there and he’s got, like, a chicken leg,” [chiropractor Mike] Prebeg said. “Everything we do hurts. We did an exam, and we’re trying to find out where he is and what he can do and try to take it from there. The problem is, there wasn’t much he could do.”

The rehab process itself is rather tolling, not just physically, but mentally as well. As Seguin’s longtime trainer Matt Nichol puts it, it can be hard for athletes to truly feel like they’re making progress when the results are so small:

“If you’re an athlete who, for your whole life, you’ve bought into the idea that you’re willing to do the hard, uncomfortable work and every time you do that, tomorrow and the next day, you see the benefits. This rehab process is not like that. You’re not getting these big, significant improvements in muscle size that you can see and feel the next couple of days. You get small, tiny incremental improvements in range and motion, which are very significant to someone like me, but they’re not as exciting for an athlete.”

You can read more about Seguin’s rehab from Saad Yousuf here.

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