Dallas Stars Daily Links: Hockey in Houston?

With the Arizona Coyotes looking for a new arena, could a relocation to Houston be an option? Plus, next year’s free agency class, Lundqvist’s retirement, and more.

The biggest news in the NHL last week was that the city of Glendale will not renew the Arizona Coyote’s arena lease. Now that they need a new home, will the Coyotes consider a move out of state, perhaps to Houston, Texas?

Saad Yousuf approached Dallas Stars CEO Brad Alberts about the subject, who thinks the possibility is rather unlikely:

There has been no discussion at the league level about a team in Houston... obviously, things change and the world changes very fast nowadays so I can’t speak with certainty on that but I do not believe those are the plans. I do not believe the NHL wants to abandon the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe market. I think they’re going to try to figure out every way to make a franchise work there.

The Stars have enjoyed being the sole NHL team in the Lone Star state, although Alberts does wish there were more teams in the lower leagues. For instance, the Texas Stars are the only AHL team left in Texas and the neighboring states:

No, from an AHL perspective, not having any teams in the state is a real downer.... When we put that team (Texas Stars) in Cedar Park, there was a team in San Antonio, there was a team in Houston and there was a team in Oklahoma City, so you had a regional bus tour that made minor-league hockey really feasible and really good. Now, I think the closest team might be in Tucson, Arizona... I wish we had more (AHL) teams in the region to really support minor-league hockey down here in Texas and the southwest region.

You can read more from Alberts, including ads on jerseys and the Sinclair television fiasco, in Saad’s interview here.

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