Dallas Stars Daily Links: Hockey and Golf

Stars prospects are quickly finding out that golf is more than just a hobby in Texas — it’s a lifestyle. Plus, finalists for the Selke and Norris were announced, a way to improve the Stars’ offense, and more.

Golfing has always been a popular hobby for NHL players across the league, with many spending their summer breaks on the green. But as Dallas Stars prospects are quickly finding out this training camp, golf is more than just a hobby for many of the Stars’ players — it’s a lifestyle:

Young players like [Thomas] Harley are learning rather quickly that being a pro hockey player in Texas means spending considerable time on the links.


When he was asked about how life was different as a pro compared to junior hockey, [Jason] Robertson said, “One, you’ve got to be a golfer if you want to be a pro player.”

One of the benefits to playing hockey in Texas is that the weather permits golfing year round, hence why it becomes a regular excursion rather than just a summer activity. It’s also a good way for older players to bond with the younger ones:

Veterans like Stars captain Jamie Benn have used golf as a way to welcome teammates and get to know some of their younger peers. This happens in both Dallas and Cedar Park, where the Texas Stars have partnerships with golf courses that set up free rounds for minor leaguers.

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Speaking of prospects, could players like Robertson have a big impact on the Stars this postseason?

Another way the Stars could boost their production is by having defensemen join the offensive rush:

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I wonder how long this tweet has been in the queue?

With Alexis Lafreniere on the line, are there any play-in teams that would be better off losing in the qualifying round?

Time for more awards debates, as the finalists for the Selke and Norris trophies have been announced:

I’m just gonna leave this here:

In all seriousness though, how much did John Carlson’s offensive numbers impact his voting?

Finally, just when you think Down Goes Brown might be finally out of roster-building ideas...