Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lightening Up the Locker Room

In a straightlaced sport like hockey, it’s nice to remember there are still class clowns here and there. Plus, scores from last night, which games this season could have changed the lottery outcome, and more.

Anton Khudobin has been fantastic in his first year in net for the Dallas Stars. But Khudobin brings more than just top-notch goaltending to the table — his humorous antics lighten up the locker room on pretty much a daily basis:

“I try to have fun,” Khudobin said that day. “How I approach it, if you’re going to have fun, if you’re going to enjoy it then you will enjoy everything; all of the process, all of the steps are going to be fun for everybody so that’s how I approach that.”

However, while Khudobin might be considered the Stars’ “class clown,” that doesn’t mean he’s the only one known for his sense of humor. Esa Lindell is more quiet and reserved, but he’s still quite the comedian:

“Esa’s a little quieter, a little more dry humor,” [Jason] Dickinson said. “A lot more one-liners, quick little things. He loves chirping, that’s about the only thing I hear coming out of his mouth… Esa’s actually really funny.”

You can read more about the funny-men in the Stars’ locker room from Sean Shapiro: [The Athletic]

More Stars News

Good news everyone — Jason Dickinson is fine:

Looks like it’s lesson learned for the young forward:

Miro Heiskanen is no longer a teenage defenseman with a multi-goal playoff game. Guess he’ll have to fix that tomorrow:

Speaking of which, I hope we see more of this Jamie Benn tomorrow as well:

Now isn't that interesting?

Congratulations are in order for Stars prospects Tye Felhaber and Riley Tufte!

Around the League

Ladies and gentlemen, each Round One series has officially begun:

  • No Stanley Cup hangover so far from the reigning champs, as the Washington Capitals started the playoffs with a 4-2 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.
  • Meanwhile, the Toronto Maple Leafs handedly beat the Boston Bruins 4-1, making them the fourth team to win Game 1 on the road. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • Finally, the Calgary Flames showed us all how a Conference Champion properly kicks off a series, blanking the Colorado Avalanche 4-0. [NHL]/

The NHL Draft Lottery is in the books, which means it’s time to go back and see which games could have changed everything:

The Vegas Golden Knights might be getting reinforcements soon in the form of KHL star Nikita Gusev:

This sounds like some random trivia that you head from your know-it-all friend who has no idea what they’re talking about, but it’s real:

In case you forgot, Joel Quenneville is the newest head coach for the Florida Panthers. At least he’s now over in the East...


Here’s something to help you start your day off happy: