Dallas Stars Daily Links: Moving Towards Analytics

The Stars have made a new front office higher who will oversee the creation of an in-house analytics department. Plus, the Stars get players back from COVID-19 protocol, trouble in Edmonton, and more.

The Dallas Stars announced yesterday the hiring of Steve Greeley as their new Director of Hockey Strategy/Scouting and Development. Last an assistant general manager for the Buffalo Sabres, Greeley has no previous ties to the Stars organization nor general manager Jim Nill, bringing in a new perspective:

“This was an opportunity to add a fresh face from outside,” Nill said. “He’s worked with different organizations. He’s got some different ideas. We just think it’s a good thing to bring somebody from the outside in and see what their [view is].

One of the key focuses for Greeley will be analytics, an area the Stars haven’t given much focus on in the past. Currently, the team plans to develop an in-house analytics department:

“You get this data, and there’s so much of it,” Nill said. “You need to find out what has value and what doesn’t have value. That’s the step we’re going through. That’s where we’ve got to start building up an in-house analytics group to digest that, throw things out to us. There’s so much information out there, what’s relevant and what’s not relevant.”

You can read more from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

With ten players removed from COVID-19 protocols, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel:

What can we expect from Tyler Seguin in the back half of the season? Hopefully more of the good:

Around the League

As a reminder that other teams are still dealing with COVID-19 as well, the only game last night was a 4-1 New York Rangers win over the Edmonton Oilers:

The Oilers look to be in a tailspin, so what do they do? Down Goes Brown discusses this and more in his Weekend Wrap:

More trouble in Canada, as the Calgary Flames’ plans for a new arena have fallen apart:

Sam Bennett will be missing some time:

Finally, here are some reasons to be optimistic about the league’s (current) bottom feeders: