Dallas Stars Every Other Daily Links: France and Belarus Qualify for Quarterfinals at the World Championships

In which France and Belarus join the usual suspects in the World Championship quarterfinals, the awesome pre-game ceremony of the Montreal Canadiens fails to get them a win, and Chicago and LA inexplicably take two days off between Games 1 and 2...

"Right now, we have a lot of fun." [IIHF]

While most of the Dallas Stars are spending time doing things other than playing hockey, Antoine Roussel is still at it. With a win over Denmark in the World Championships on Monday, France qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament for the first time since 1995. And while a loss to the Czech Republic yesterday means France will face Russia in the quarterfinals, the result can already be considered a big success for a team on which Roussel is the only regular NHLer. Although Stephane Da Costa's stock with the Ottawa Senators has to be looking up after this tournament. He and Roussel both find themselves in the top 6 in scoring, for the entire tournament. Roussel is 2nd with 11 points in 7 games played, Da Costa is 6, with 9 points. And both players have 6 goals. Allez les Bleus?

The other minnow to qualify for playoff play in the tournament is Belarus, the hosts. Which means Switzerland and Slovakia are the odd men out, being ranked 7th and 8th respectively. Prior to the tournament Belarus was ranked 15th, three spots below France, and had ever only qualified for the quarterfinals twice before. See what an advantage home ice is?

Shyah. Tell that to the Canadiens.

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So the Montreal Canadiens may have lost both home games to start the series, but don't give up hope Canada! All is not lost! [Puck Daddy]

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Pension Plan Puppets takes a look at Chris Kreider's collision with Carey Price in Game 1. Seeing as how Price is out for the series, it's still relevant. And it's amusing. The article that is, not the collision. [Pension Plan Puppets]

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So the final word is that Boston won the Tyler Seguin trade. Final. No arguments. The subject is no longer on the debating table. It's been decided. And no, you weren't consulted. [ESPN Boston]

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No more coaches or GM's are going to be fired this season! At least, we assume they won't be, seeing as the remaining ones have all reached the Conference Finals with their teams, which usually assures ones continuation in the job. Down Goes Brown runs through those teams that have made changes, and those that soon will. [Grantland]

And lastly, I'll leave you with the best Puck Daddy roast yet. Partly because it's about the Anaheim Ducks, but mostly because it was done by The Royal Half. [Puck Daddy]