Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jim Nill Wants Team to Execute the System

It seems a pretty reasonable request, but boy, it sure hasn't looked that way so far. Also, Daley's no-goal would have been a goal if he hadn't scored a goal before he scored a goal. and George Parros retires.

As we continue our forensic analysis of the carcass of the first third of the season, I would like to make a suggestion to the Stars. Not just to Jim Nill, who has certainly been active this season; not only to Lindy Ruff, who has to be dreaming of those wonderful, simple days in Buffalo by now; not even solely to Jamie Benn, who has put up points this year despite what many have identified as palpable frustration and impotence on the ice.

No, this goes out to every single person involved with the team, including stick boys and coffee go-fers. Here is my original step-by-step method for returning the Stars to their rightful place in the upper echelon of the Western Conference:

If that doesn't work for some insane reason, then you can always try doing things a different way. But don't get mad when your way doesn't work and you haven't tried my way. I am giving this advice to you out of love and stuff, and it will definitely work, I bet.


Mike Heika, of course, takes a more measured approach in analyzing this team's shortcomings. While he wouldn't go so far as to suggest a remedy (unlike your bold author [who is me]), he does bring us the perspectives of those who ought to have some idea:

Stars general manager Jim Nill said the coaches and players have to come together and find a rhythm in a fast-paced system that both he and Ruff believe will work for this team.

"I don’t think it’s the system, I think it’s execution of the system," Nill said. "The team has to manage the puck better and be more responsible. In the end, we all have be accountable and take ownership, and I think the players are a big part of that, too."

Meanwhile, captain Jamie Benn has gathered key players at key times and worked behind the scenes to try to get everyone on the same page.

"We’re all working together, and we’re all looking for solutions," Benn said. "We need to play smart and simple, and we need to focus on doing that one shift at a time."


The whole piece is great, as usual, with some further Lindy Ruff breakdowns of what the forwards aren't doing to work with the defensemen. Aside from just generally helping them, I mean. Check it out.

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