Dallas Stars Daily Links: More Questions Than Answers

Apparently time doesn’t heal all wounds. Plus, post-game interviews, a playoff format refresher, and more.

After watching yesterday’s 2-0 loss against the Nashville Predators, you can’t blame Dallas Stars fans for rolling their eyes and saying, “Here we go again.”

Sure, it was just an exhibition game that didn’t count for anything. But there was enough similarity between the game and how the Stars played during their six-game losing streak to end the regular season:

“The timing was off, you saw guys who were wide open and we made bad passes,” [interim head coach Rick] Bowness said. “The decisions were the right ones, but the timing was bad.”

The lack of shots on net were a big concern, and highlighted the Stars’ scoring woes from the past couple seasons. The players were getting their shots off — they just weren’t going anywhere:

“We had 59 shot attempts, but the disappointing part is the 23 shots blocked...” Bowness said. “I think we were a little slow releasing the puck and I think some of our best looks we didn’t get good wood on it. There were some things we liked, and we’re just going to have to keep working on it.”

You can read more from Mike Heika here.

Stars Stories

Sean Shapiro gives his thoughts on the game in his first non-scrimmage 20/20 in *checks notes* forever:

Matthew DeFranks has the same takeaways:

Here’s some more quotes from Bowness in his post-game interview:

And here’s Jamie Benn, who is definitely a “mood”:

Around the League

The other two games from last night wrapped up the exhibition period with a pair of 4-1 wins — the Columbus Blue Jackets over the Boston Bruins and the Vegas Golden Knights against the Arizona Coyotes:

Personally I’m not a huge fan of quizzes like this, but that might be because I always suck at them:

Still can’t wrap your head around this year’s playoff system? Greg Wyshynski has got you covered:

Pierre LeBrun spoke with Bill Daly on the playoffs, the new CBA, and more:

Finally, this is why you do not give 31 year-old goaltenders seven year deals worth $10M annually: