Dallas Stars Daily Links: Dustin Byfuglien Doesn't Handle Himself Well in Loss

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, or whatever.

The Dallas Stars kept themselves in the reasonable part of the playoff-race conversation Saturday with a 5-2 win over the Winnipeg Jets north of the border. An off-day and a practice await them before another virtual playoff game against the Colorado Avalanche Tuesday night at the AAC.

Dallas, faced with an opponent with a penchant for the more physical aspects of the game Saturday, kept a civilized head about them and made their enemy pay after each seemingly stupid thing they did - notching four power play goals in the effort.

Chief among a plethora of guilty parties was one Mr. Dustin Byfuglien, who did this:

And then, not content to stop there, also kind-of-maybe-sort-of took a bite out of one of the Stars, or at least considered it, for reasons that are unclear to those of us who have not spent any appreciable amount of time Manitoba...

Let's go to the video tape:

I guess... thanks for... keeping things interesting?


  • The legend of John Klingberg continues to grow - here's some national attention he received ahead of Saturday night's game, and now his stature grows even more with yet another goal and some assists to add to his rookie season. [ESPN.com]
  • Here's something that is just sad. Let's break it down - 1.) Someone actually asked "Will the Stars trade for a big name defenseman?" 2.) Cowlishaw chose to answer it 3.) DMN chose to make it its own link, which I clicked on and gave them a page view, stupidly. Teams don't trade for big name defensemen because they don't move. Discussing it like it's actually an option is pointless. There's just really nothing substantive to see here. [DMN]
  • So much good news for the Stars Saturday night, but the Flames continue to win, somehow, and so do the Sharks. The Flames now lead the league in victories when trailing after two periods, maddeningly. [Calgary Sun]
  • A beat writer trapped in Buffalo ranks the league's teams from top to bottom. The Stars are #20. [Buffalo News] Side note: This web site only allows ten free page views before a subscription is necessary - which means in about 7 years the money is just going to start rolling in.
  • NHL.com's fantasy advisers come to the conclusion that John Klingberg may be a good pickup, and the gushing continues from there. [NHL.com]
  • This web site offers no sources or facts, but luridly claims that the Dallas Stars are seeking defensive help, which is not exactly going out on a limb. [4th Period]
  • Mike Heika offers us an oasis in a sensationalist desert, talking power play, John Klingberg, and how the Jets very nearly ran the Stars out of the barn in the second period with their superior 5-on-5 play until the PP took over... [DMN]
  • The Texas Stars put 50 (50!) shots on Charlotte in a big win Saturday night. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • "It shouldn't surprise anyone that the Dallas Stars won on four power-play goals considering the Winnipeg Jets got 12 penalties including three from defenceman Dustin Byfuglien" .... Oh, I don't know. A view not so myopically focused on Canadian teams might reveal, CBC, that the Stars scoring four power play goals for the first time since 2011 was actually border-line shocking, no matter how many opportunities they earned. [CBC.ca]
  • This is just a post-game wrap from, and I can't stress this enough, a web-site whose byline reads "News that matters to people in Southeastern Manitoba" (ATTN: Saturday Night Live - bits are writing themselves for you if you just pay attention...). Anyway, it's a good story on the Jets taking too many penalties, but I did not realize that the word savior was spelled "saviour" in Canada. Google Chrome is telling me that's wrong and I'd tend to agree. [The Carillon]
  • Did you know that today is the Super Bowl? #sarcasm