Dallas Stars Daily Links: It’s Draft Week!

With only four picks in the 2019 NHL Entry Draft, the Stars have a lot of tough decisions to make. Plus, the Ducks (finally) have a head coach, looking ahead to next season, and more.

The 2019 NHL Entry Draft starts this Friday, and the Dallas Stars have only four picks — a franchise low since moving to Dallas — including only one (No. 18) in the top 100.

Stars General Manager Jim Nill will obviously look at trading down to acquire more picks, but if they stay at No. 18, they have to make that one count:

“The big thing is to hit on that first pick,” Nill said. “Will we have an opportunity to pick up more picks talking to teams? But you never know. So we’re prepared if we stay where we’re at, we’re happy the mix of players we’re in. If we get extra picks or move down to get extra picks, we’re comfortable picking in that group as well.”

Dallas still holds three late-round picks, and one of them could very well end up being a late-round steal. It goes without saying, however, that hitting on those late picks is much, much harder:

“They’re players that all have major weaknesses,” Nill said. “You’re trying to figure out who can improve from those weaknesses, some guys may be undersized, who’s going to sprout up 3, 4, 5 inches and gain 20 pounds. That’s the unknown part of the draft and that’s where the scouts do their homework, and try to find out things from their family background. They’ve all got a weakness, but they’ve got something special too.”

You can read more from Matthew DeFranks here.

Around the League

Speaking of the draft and trade scenarios, here’s a breakdown of which first round picks could get shipped away:

Well, it’s about time — Dallas Eakins is slated to be the Anaheim Ducks’ next head coach:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are shedding some cap space by trading Olli Maatta to the Chicago Blackhawks:

It’s already time to start dreaming about next season. Who are the favorites to take home the Stanley Cup in 2020?


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