Dallas Stars Daily Links: Perry’s Heel-Face Turn

Will Stars fans embrace the man they once considered a villain? Plus, birthday celebrations from yesterday, which teams and players should improve next season, and more.

Corey Perry has been a sort of “villain” for most NHL teams throughout his career, and the Dallas Stars are no exception. Besides frequently putting points up on the board, Perry has had a knack for getting under his opponents’ skin, something he says is integral to his game:

“It’s just the way I have to play to be effective,” Perry said. “It’s one of those things, where if I’m not doing that, I’m not going to be effective playing my game on a nightly basis. I have to go out and do those things. It’s not like I’m going out looking for it, it just happens and it’s part of my nature.”

But one thing has led to another, and now Stars fans will find themselves watching Perry in Victory Green this upcoming season. It’ll be a hard adjustment for many fans, but it might get easier over time:

Stars fans spent more than a decade finding him intolerable, but the outpouring of love on social media from Ducks fans following his buyout is evidence that he was adored by people who watched him work day-in, day-out for their own team. Now Perry is a Star, and committed to helping bring the Stanley Cup back to Dallas. He’s confident the tone among Stars fans will change now that the pest is on their side.

You can read more from Saad Yousuf here.

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Speaking of Perry...

Yesterday there was not just one, but two birthdays for the Stars. First up is captain Jamie Benn!

Second, we can sadly no longer call Miro Heiskanen a teenage prodigy:

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