Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Outplay Blackhawks While Twitter Delights

Everyone surfing the NHL games last night seemed to set down their remote at the game with a pace 5x faster than all the others. In the category of All the Others, we have for you: Radko Gudas's pending suspension, Dan Boyle and Evander Kane's injuries, and Chris Pronger's whatever you c

*yawn* Good morning! So, not a boring game last night, eh?

Let's see what everyone else thought:

I can live with this reaction after game one.

Another thought: it's all well and good to scrape the ice before overtime, and I think that's probably the right choice in the long run, but Ales Hemsky probably has a formal complaint to file with the league office about that puck that played hooky right before he made his move. You know that puck was going in.

Let's just consider this Chicago's revenge for the Roussel game last year and move on. I am looking forward to 81+ more games of this team.

And while I have your attention:

And no, don't even get me started on Corey "Hockey Stick, Hockey Stick, Who's Got the Hockey Stick" Crawford.

* * * * *

Friday is here. I haven't felt this good after a loss* in a long time.

Here is the Stars' recap of a game that they won in every way except the one that the NHL counts. Dumb NHL, who needs them? [Stars]

Mike Heika's reflections are up as well. [DMN]

And here's a recap from the other side's perspective, which again, isn't actually that painful to read, somehow. Outplaying teams will do that, I guess. [Second City Hockey]

Speaking of the other side, here's a piece that says the Stars' are trying to "emulate" the Blackhawks (Except for the cap mismanagement, I'm sure they meant to say). Although, after last night, I'd prefer that the Stars try to emulate the Stars. Cripes and crumbled carrots, what a game that was to start the season. [CSN Chicago]

Evander Kane was injured in an apparent knee-on-knee with a teammate and did not finish Winnipeg's game last night. The latest: Bob McKenzie is reporting that the injury could be serious. [Pro Hockey Talk]

The most veteran former Nashville Predator of former Nashville Predators visited his former home last night, and it was just like he had never left. He even tried to go into the same penalty box. Wrong way, David! [The Score]

Patrick Roy accused his team of playing "too fancy" last night in Colorado's shellacking courtesy of Minnesota. I don't think Brad Stuart could be convicted of anything fancy, though. Especially if you consider shot differential a #fancy thing. Is 3:1 a normal ratio? [Pro Hockey Talk]

In case you missed it, Sheldon Sourary's multi-year deal with Anaheim didn't work out so well. He is missing the entire season with an arthritic condition in his wrist, but the Ducks don't want him to retire lest they suffer the cap consequences of his $3.67 million salary this year. Almost makes you think of another tall Duck defenseman who has been on LTIR for a while. I wonder what that guy's up to. [OC Register]

Calgary's #4 overall pick Sam Bennett will have shoulder surgery and miss up to six months. Pull-up jokes are a thing, but I'm too classy for that. I guess you could say I just set the bar too high. (Best wishes, Sam.) [NHL]

And while we're in Alberta, the Flames' AHL affiliate didn't acquit itself too well with their new mascot reveal, which involved what many are calling a "tasteless" bit involving a flame who knocks out a firefighter. Don't force me to start making chair jokes again, Adirondack. [100 Degree Hockey]

Lightning Radko Gudas might have earned a suspension for his hit on Scottie Upshall last night. [Puck Daddy]

Dan Boyle broke his hand blocking a shot last night. He'll be out 4-6 six weeks. How is everyone feeling about their NYR playoff picks now? [Blueshirt Banter]

So yeah, the Chris Pronger thing. His hiring is now official, because Bill Daly says, "We believe any conflict is more notional than real." Because notions arising from real, identifiable factors aren't necessarily real themselves. Please enroll in Prof. Daly's Logic 301 course this fall at Bettman University. Note: As of late Thursday night, Elliotte Friedman is reporting that Pronger's salary will now count against the cap, as he's moved to non-roster IR, similar to Peverley in Dallas. Something to keep an eye on. [THN]

And finally, in preparation for election season, here's a look back at "Mac the Knife" and his transition from hockey into politics. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

*Remember: when a game goes to the shootout, we all lose. (Especially New Jersey)