Dallas Stars Daily Links: Chicago and the Fatal 50-18 Shot Advantage

Taking a couple of identical shot disparities and finding a difference. Also, Bruins lost, Islanders won, Devils finally lost, and the Ducks are dumping the puck all over the place.

Wednesday night, Jonas Hiller led the Calgary Flames to a 2-1 OT victory over the really good hockey team in Chicago. And while it's neat to see a team that is, ah, "scrappy," pull a win out of a lopsided game against a superior opponent, you'd think that getting outshot by nearly Colorado-like proportions (nearly, but not quite!) would be concerning for a team that most are predicting to miss the playoffs by a fair margin.

In fact, that's what their coach said as well:

"Good ending," Calgary coach Bob Hartley said. "That's almost like a golf game. Our drive went in the woods, but we took a stroke and we found a way to [make] par." [NHL.com]

See, here's the problem:


1st 2 18
2nd 6 16
3rd 7 13
OT 3 3
Total 18 50

Result: 2-1 to Calgary (OT)

Yes, that's correct: more shots on goal in five minutes of OT than they had in the first 20 minutes of the game. That's obviously not the way you want to play, as everyone knows.

"Tonight, we definitely played how we want to play," Hiller said. "Everybody was working hard [and] doing everything. We were blocking shots. We were tight in our own end. We didn't given them too many great scoring chances and when they had them, there always seemed to be a stick there. I think that's the way we've got to play." [NHL.com]


Well, you know a goalie has to say those things, right? Keep the old morale up and all that. And yes, smartypants, I know the Flames are aware that this constitutes a weak effort that was saved by miraculous goaltending. I'm sure everyone knows they didn't give their best effort on this occasion, that they got outworked, and

"It was [Hiller] in net, he was great for us," Backlund said. "[It's] another night we had great goaltending. We are fortunate to have great goaltending on this team. It's always tough when you're up 1-0 and you let one in late, but everybody kept going, kept working and believed that we could still win it. I think that's why we came out with the win." [NHL.com]

Anyway, my point: the 50-18 shot totals reminded me of another date that I'd like to take a look back at:


1st 5 16
2nd 8 18
3rd 5 16
Total 18 50

Result: 4-3 to Dallas

And how did the Stars respond to a game they pulled out of the fire?

"They were shooting the puck a lot and that was fun for a little while, but then it gets tiring," Lehtonen said. "It's fun if it goes well. If things don't go well, it can get ugly. I had no problem getting all those shots tonight, when I was feeling good and things seemed to just hit me. That was fun." [NHL.com]

"I felt like we played defense the whole game," Roussel said. "We didn't have much energy. Our goaltender played unbelievable and he kept us in the game. We got some lucky goals and some great bounces. The boys played hard, but they obviously dominated us and we'll take the two points." [NHL.com]

Postgame quotes are postgame quotes, sure. But I think you'd always want to see your team aspiring to better things than a 50-18 shot massacre that wasn't. Good luck to Calgary in figuring out how to set their sights a little higher in the future.

It seems like the Stars, for their part, have done just that. After looking overwhelmed during just about all of the first period last night, Dallas stepped up and started staying out of the box a bit more while at least not completely capitulating during 5-on-5 (thanks in large part to Lehtonen). They stayed in the game, generated scoring chances, and found themselves with a win that may not have been earned for all 60 minutes, but it's sure as Benn a far cry from the "stolen" effort in Chicago last year. That, I think, is progress.

* * * * *

Friday has arrived, and none too soon. What are you weekend plans? I'd recommend a good hike, a bike ride, just anything that gets you out and about, really. Also, fun game last night.

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