Dallas Stars Daily Links: Why You Should Never Gamble on Sports

Here is a poor argument for never gambling on hockey. For better pieces of writing, check out: Jordan Staal is the latest casualty in the Preseason Injuries Galore 2014 Special, the Capitals have shown us their new-spangled stripey shirts, and a bunch of different outlets wrote about the Stars.

Gambling is usually stupid. Sure, it can be fun, and the thrill of "beating the system" has an especially addictive quality, but unless you're taking advantage of some poor saps in your neighborhood poker game, you are usually risking paying a lot of money for nothing. And that goes double for placing bets from professional agencies. You'd have to be some kind of dissolute spendthrift to even consider placing bets using odds made by Bovada or something.

Like these odds, for instance:

Hart Trophy

Sidney Crosby (PIT) 7/4 (+175)

Ryan Getzlaf (ANA) 6/1 (+600)

Steven Stamkos (TB) 6/1 (+600)

John Tavares (NYI) 8/1 (+800)

Alex Ovechkin (WAS) 12/1 (+1200)

Claude Giroux (PHI) 15/1 (+1500)

Tyler Seguin (DAL) 15/1 (+1500)

Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 15/1 (+1500)

Jonathan Toews (CHI) 16/1 (+1600)

Anze Kopitar (LA) 18/1 (+1800)

Corey Perry (ANA) 20/1 (+2000)

Patrick Kane (CHI) 20/1 (+2000)

Jamie Benn (DAL) 35/1 (+3500)

Okay, well, yeah, I guess it's nice to see a couple of Stars up there on the list. But it's pointless. I mean, don't place bets, still. Gambling is foolish, and you might never be able to

Looking for a darkhorse? If you take East Coast Bias out of it, Benn at 35/1 is awfully tasty considering how much love Dallas has received over the summer.

Okay, yeah, sure, but long shots are never a good idea when you're talking any serious amount of money. Why, you can change some people's life with a few hundred dollars at the right time, so what right do you have placing such a low-value bet on
In terms of a value pick, or picks, Giroux and Seguin at 15/1 seems enticing. Let’s be honest, the Hart Trophy voting is almost always tied to point production and both of them averaged 1.05 per game last season.

Okay, stop it. You know what, though? I don't care what anyone says. The Hart trophy is going to Stamkos or Crosby or some other lucky stiff who plays in the Eastern Conference, where you get to score fifty goals just for showing up for most of the season. The Stars' power play is still trying to figure out where to spray the WD-40, so it's completely premature to think that even Benn or Seguin is suddenly going to catapult to the top of everyone's ballot without a massive ice storm taking the entire eastern half of the US by sto--er, in its clutches and shutting down hockey arenas everywhere, forcing Stamkos and Crosby to play the majority of their games on the Rideau Canal (which would be incredible, by the way).

No siree Bob, you'd best save your money for important things. Things like groceries, IRAs and

Maurice "Rocket" Richard Trophy

Steven Stamkos (TB) 2/1
Alex Ovechkin (WAS) 3/1
Corey Perry (ANA) 9/2
Sidney Crosby (PIT) 7/1
Tyler Seguin (DAL) 12/1
John Tavares (NYI) 12/1
Phil Kessel (TOR) 15/1
Evgeni Malkin (PIT) 15/1
Max Pacioretty (MON) 20/1
Jamie Benn (DAL) 25/1

Oh come on.

* * * * *

Wednesday Links are coming for you. Run away.

Brett Pollock, Remi Elie and Philippe Desrosiers have been sent home from camp, but not for breaking any rules or anything. It was just time. Trivia: Do you know what Disney movie the character Phillipe was in? [Stars]

TSN did their season preview of the Stars yesterday. They think the Stars are just great, although Jussi Rynnas apparently does not exist. They did put Hemsky on the first line, though. Not many outlets have climbed aboard that train yet. [TSN]

The NHL did their season preview of the Stars yesterday, too. They also think the Stars are cool, although they put Hemsky on the 2nd line, unlike TSN. Won't it be nice to start the season and figure out where he's actually going to play? [NHL]

Puck Daddy ran through the Dallas Stars in their 2014-15 Emoji series, but if you're hoping for anything above-average, you might be disappointed. Or if you're hoping for Hemsky's name to be spelled correctly or Rome's contract to be accurately described. Or if you're looking for a bunch of fun emojis, because I give this group a solid D. [Puck Daddy]

Hockey Wilderness makes the odds for who will be in the Minnesota crease after an eventful last couple of weeks. [HW]

Ryan Suter hasn't been a possession monster, but Justin Bourne takes a close look at how Suter is still an elite defenseman. Screenshots and GIFs! [The Score]

In Colorado, Mile High Hockey suspects that Nathan MacKinnon will be even more amazing than you can possibly imagine this year. [MHH]

Pavel Datsyuk didn't waste time hopping back on the injury choo-choo, as his shoulder got a lickin' in the Wings' first preseason game. Sounds like he'll be out at least a week according to Dr. Pavel. If I'm Detroit, he doesn't touch the ice until the third period of game one, and only then if they're trailing. [Winging It in Motown]

Even worse injury news from Carolina, as Jordan Staal broke his leg in a preseason game against Buffalo. The break is in the lower part of the leg (thankfully it's not the femur or anything that catastrophic), but it's gotta be at least two months for Staal, which is just awful. [TSN]

The Capitals revealed their Winter Classic sweaters Tuesday. They are more stripey and starry than a Calvin & Hobbes fight. [Icethetics]

Remember how the Stars were adamant a few years back about not giving away tickets just to artificially boost attendance? Well, the Florida Panthers have decided that, yeah, that is probably the way to go. They're slow to catch on, but you have to love these harmless little kitties. I am rooting for Florida this year, for some reason. (probably Jussi) [Miami Herald]

Elliotte Friedman chimes in 30 times, as usual. This entry opens with some thoughts about how many teams are getting nervous about the rash of injuries due to summer training regimens. And yet anything goes during the Stanley Cup celebration. [SportsNet]

After a stern reminder to stop calling RFA negotiations "holdouts," Sean Mcindoe reminds us of a few big-time players who actually did do the holdout thing. Pavel Bure, recipient of the OG "Russian factor" label. [Grantland]

*AWESOME ALERT* The cast of D2: The Mighty Ducks reunited over the weekend. Unfortunately, some of the cool ones couldn't make it. Coach Bombay 4ever. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Winter Olympics are over...but Jamie Benn will return in...the World Cup of Hockey, 2016. Yay, another place for star players to get hurt. [SI]

A touching piece on Barry Trotz and his 12-year-old son, Nolan, and how the move to Washington has affected their family. Read this article. [Washington Post]

Until someone gets me a certain interview clip from before the Monday night game, here's a happy little pre-game warmup video from a little while back: