Dallas Stars Daily Links: Boston Loss Reveals Need for Due Diligence

The Stars will need to demonstrate a consistent formula for winning if they hope to make a run in the final stretch of the season. Also, Winnipeg won again because they use literal Jets in their offense and it's too loud for the opposing defense, and the Wizard has finally hung up his skates.

Now that the Stars are taking a week off--except for the two young defensemen whose vacations were canceled when they were assigned to the Cedar Park workforce--it's finally time to take a breath and see what we have in this crew of no-longer-motley but not-yet-gaudy Stars.

Well, we have goals. Lots of them. The Stars just scored two goals while you rolled your eyes at that last boring sentence. You sighed in frustration at that patently untrue sentence, and they scored four more. That's just how they roll this year, like it or not. Well, the Stars are finally closer to the "like it" end of the spectrum after quite an "or not" start to the season, but it's tough going into the All-Star break with Winnipeg rocketing up the standings while the loss to Jack Edwards' favorite team festers for a week. While I'm tempted to write that one off much like the Winnipeg Incident of that day we shan't remember, it's important to note that the posts the Stars hit and the nets they didn't are bad luck. That's not an excuse--they are bad luck, and the Stars needed some good luck to win that game. While chance is always going to be perniciously present in any hockey game, the superior teams find a way to minimize its meddlings and construct a game they want to play. That Bruins game got out of hand, and the Stars' hopes went the way of whimsy.

The Stars have turned things around to some extent, but despite an undeniably great last twenty games, that 0-2-2 stretch earlier this month still makes that u-turn we were hoping for look more like the three point turn they used to require during your driver's license test. The Stars are pointed in the right direction, it seems, but have they taken too long to make the adjustments they needed? Josh Bogorad suggests that while the Stars are still in it, they need to find a way to cut out the erratic play if they hope to win enough in the final three dozen games to play beyond that:

There were the wins early in the season, where for the most part the Stars held their opponents to two-to-three goals and posted just enough to outlast them. There were the games in December where Lehtonen donned a cape and led them to victories. There were the blowout wins around New Year's, where the other team never stood a chance and Dallas pummeled them for 60 minutes. And then there was last week, which a couple of months ago might have served as a losing recipe, but lately has been a winning one for Dallas.

The point is that with 37 games left to play this season, and the Stars at the center of a no-holds-barred race for a playoff spot, the only thing that matters is getting points. Let's face it, this team is not built right now to be leaders in goals-against average. There are going to be games and moments where the other team gets, and capitalizes on, a good number of chances. The ability to take that in stride and still win hockey games is paramount.

While long term success probably features a different approach than their three most recent victories, the Stars need to be able to collect wins as they strive towards that. That's exactly what they did last week.

Thursday's game against Winnipeg proved that there is no defined way for a team can win or lose a hockey game. The rest of the week seemed to support that theory. In the end it appears the only real "winning formula" is the one the team with more goals uses on that specific night.

As the Stars have shown this season, that can come in many different forms. [Stars]

As usual, Bogorad has a bunch more in his column, so I'd recommend that you click on that link and use your eyeballs or text-to-speech software to enjoy his words.

The only thing I would add is that Dallas needs to show that they can employ their beautiful, attractive, I-will-call-you-back-after-this-date offense without also giving up three or four goals. Sure, it's nice to drop a touchdown on another team once in a while, but let's find a way to hold teams like the Jets to two goals without also punting on offense. It's not a zero sum game, folks. It might be for other teams, but the Stars can score without giving up odd-man rushes galore. It's time they showed that ability on a regular basis.

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Props to Brandon Worley who had a birthday yesterday. Everyone send him an annoying musical greeting card or something in the Regular Mail and maybe sign one of them with my name if it's not too much trouble.

Farewell to the Wizard. Ray Whitney has officially retired. We will miss your photobombs and your shepherding of Alex Chiasson, Ray. He was really a remarkable player in a lot of ways. [ESPN]

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