Dallas Stars Daily Links: Are There Any Other Offseason Trades Out There?

Mike has more in the latest #HeyHeika. Plus, the latest fantasy rankings and Rads at the World Cup.

Dallas Stars fans have been stuck in a weird Erik Karlsson limbo in which what’s not happening has dominated the hockey conversation far more than what could happen. Mike Heika sought to remedy that just a little with a return to his #HeyHeika chat late last week.

For starters, he spent quite a bit of time discussing the Stars’ forward strength, and how likely it may be that they trade for an impact player such as Artemi Panarin or (his own submission) Matt Duchene:

What forwards do you think the Stars may be interested in, and have they spoken to teams about any of them?

As much as I know all of this talk has made fans hungry for a move, my guess is everything will slow down if Karlsson is traded someplace else. The Stars are open to a big move that will improve the team, but I don’t think they are just going to jump to the next guy. They feel they have a good enough roster that they can be patient. Trades happen all of the time, even during the season, so they are a team that wants to win now, but they know that whatever deal they make will need to be the right deal.

He also offered his HSO on whether then team should hang onto hot prospect Miro Heiskanen:

Hey Mike. Do you agree with the fact that I can’t see how DAL can pass on the opportunity of getting a player like Erik for a guy who hasn’t played a single NHL game? I know Miro’s got the potential to become a Karlsson type of player, but our window is now, and it’s closing fast

No, I disagree. There are prospects and then there are top-ranked prospects. Heiskanen has the ability to be a great player for the next 15-20 years. I think you have to protect that possibility even if the player coming to Dallas would be Erik Karlsson.

There’s more at Mike’s place. [Dallas Stars]

Stars Stuff

Because the Karlsson circus is still the biggest show in town...it doesn’t appear much has changed since this message dated Friday.

The NHL Network got in on the act with an impromptu Twitter poll.

But would the Stars do better to focus on a trade for a top-six forward like Jeff Skinner?

And speaking of Stars forwards – Valeri Nichushkin has yet to play a moment on his new contract, but already he’s a top 200 overall player according to NHL.com’s fantasy staff.

Meanwhile, everybody visit @tweetgrubes and wish the Stars’ one-of-a-kind DJ a happy birthday.

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