Dallas Stars Daily Links: Behind the Mask

Saad Yousuf provides an inside scoop about the designers behind Anton Khudobin’s goalie masks. Plus, Dallas lost last night (again), an NHL referee controversy, and more.

Last night, the Dallas Stars wore their blackout jerseys. With it, Anton Khudobin wore his custom blackout goalie mask, designed by Sylvie Marsolais and Alexandre Mathys. Marsolais has been designing Khudobin’s masks since 2013, and thus immediately got to work when the Stars revealed the alternate jersey last October:

“I remember seeing the skyline of Dallas with the green outline on it,” Marsolais said. “That’s why we had the idea to represent that on the mask; to represent the city and something more related to Dallas.”

The design retains many of the same elements as Khudobin’s other masks, such as spelling out his nickname, “Dobby,” and the presence of a certain house elf. Khudobin, for his part, doesn’t provide too much input into the process, instead rather signing off:

“All the masks that I wear, I kind of give her just a couple of words of what I want, to be honest,” Khudobin said. “I designed the backplate. Other than that, she does everything for me. I only tell her that I like the details so she puts everything in the right position, sends me a sketch and I said, ‘Yes, I like it,’ and she does it.”

You can read more about what goes into mask design and construction in Saad Yousuf’s piece here.

Stars Stories

Oh yeah, that game against the Tampa Bay Lightning? The Stars lost (again). And that’s a problem:

Roope Hintz returned to action after a scary looking tumble, but the brief panic that set in tells you a lot about this team:

All things considered, Dallas might be selling at this year’s trade deadline. Jamie Oleksiak opens up about what the process is like from a player perspective:

Around the League

Elsewhere in the Central Division...

  • The Chicago Blackhawks took a 3-2 victory over the Florida Panthers, because Dallas can’t have nice things. [Second City Hockey]
  • Meanwhile the Nashville Predators beat the Detroit Red Wings 2-0, because who’s bad enough to lose to them, right hahahaha?!?!? [On the Forecheck]/

Speaking of the Nashville game, referee Tim Peel was caught on mic admitting that he called a penalty against the team as a makeup call for earlier, which has led the NHL to show him the door:

Of course, it’s not as if this is a one-time thing — everyone knows this happens all the time, whether the NHL wants to admit to it or not:

Other league announcements including changes to the NHL Draft lottery format, including reducing the number of winners from three down to two:

Rough morning? Let DownGoesBrown inject some humor into it with some trade talk:

Finally, there’s a shakeup in women’s hockey, as NWHL founder Dani Rylan Kearney resigned from her advisory position last week: