Dallas Stars Captain Scores First Career Hat Trick Versus St. Louis Blues

See all three of the beautiful goals of Jamie Benn's first career hat trick.

In all the years Jamie Benn has played in the NHL, he had yet to score a hat trick. Until tonight.

The Dallas Stars captain scored three beauties in a crucial Central Division matchup versus the St Louis Blues. The Stars scored three first period goals to open the game, where they need two points to stay in the playoff hunt this season.

On his first goal of the night, Benn was left with all sorts of time and space and he uses that combined with his wicked shot to put the Stars up 1-0.

The second one he scored was off of a sick feed from Jason Spezza on a two-on-one against Brian Elliott, who bit hard on a Spezza shot and gave Benn a gaping net on the other side. Elliott wasn't able to make it across in time to make the save.

The third goal was a power play goal that he scored short side on one heck of a shot.

With his usual linemate of Tyler Seguin out with an injury right now, a lot of people were wondering who was going to step up and lead this team to keep them in the playoff race. Jamie Benn pretty much just answered that question.

His buddy Seguin approves.