Dallas Stars Biweekly Links: Ben Bishop and Life at Home

Just because Bishop isn’t self-isolating doesn’t mean his life is any less busy. Plus, how salary bonuses might be affected due to the season suspension, NHLers who might have played their last game, and more.

As the entire world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, each Dallas Stars player has chosen where to spend their time self-isolating. While many have returned to their hometowns or summer homes, Ben Bishop is one of those that has stayed in Dallas, which might as well be “home” by now:

“It definitely feels like home already. It kind of did right away,” Bishop said. “We bought the house here and got to know people outside of hockey and developed more relationships around town. Whenever you are able to do that and separate the hockey life and the non-hockey life — you are able to have two different lives, if that makes sense — it feels like home.”

So what is Bishop doing with all of the free-time he now has? Well, the goaltender wouldn’t exactly call it “free-time” for starters — he’s been mostly busy helping his wife, Andrea, take care of their toddler son, Benjamin:

“Some people are binge-watching, right? Us — uh. yeah right, buddy,” Bishop said. “We get two hours in the afternoon, and all you want do is sit down. Dinner time and then he goes down, and you just want to go, ‘Oof’ and lay down.”

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