The Stars’ 2020 All-Star Game Jersey Is Here

With inspiration drawn from the St. Louis Blues’ home town, it resembles something of a sheet of music (or that’s the idea, anyway).

The NHL All-Star jerseys are here.

There are black and white sets, with striping across the chest and sleeve. According to the NHL’s release regarding the design, the stripes are supposed to represent a musical staff (hence the five lines) that pay homage to the rhythm and blues history of St. Louis, where the All-Star game this season will be held.

The silver stitching of the lines is used to allude to the Arch, the iconic part of the St. Louis skyline.

One thing the All-Star game this season is doing is featuring each players’ team crest on the front of the sweater. Most are in the team’s colors, so the Dallas Stars logo is a green and white version of the main logo (minus the silver stitching that creates the beveled design used on their usual jerseys). At least it’s a splash of color on the neutral backgrounds.

You can purchase your own version of the Stars’ All-Star jersey by clicking on the image below!