Dallas Stars 2015-2016 Player Grades: Patrik Nemeth

It was hoped that this season would be the year that Patrik Nemeth took a step forward after a promising start in 2014-15 was cut short by injury.

After missing most of last season after suffering an arm laceration it was hoped that Patrik Nemeth would step up into a bigger role on the Dallas Stars blue line.

His strong start to last season didn't rematerialise, instead he found himself a healthy scratch more often than not, only suiting up 38 games in total for the Dallas Stars this season.

When he did play he was limited to the third defensive pairing on most nights playing an average of 15 minutes per game.

It wasn't all bad news for Patrik Nemeth, he improved his points per game average and finished with eight points through though 38 games.

He is also still young and with there likely to be some roster movement on the blue line during the off season, with four free agent defensemen coming off the books, it is possible that the step up that many hoped from Nemeth this season might appear next year.

Despite him not taking that step forward that many hoped he would do there has still been some progress in his development.

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