Dallas Stars 2015-16 Player Grades: Antoine Roussel

It's time to cast your votes on how Antoine Roussel's 2015-16 season went.

Whenever Antoine Roussel is brought up in conversation, a few descriptions inevitably follow: He's a guy you love to hate. He's a guy you hate to play against, but love to have on your team. He's a pest. (And, of course, if we're watching NBCSN, he's Dominic Roussel.)

After signing the winger to a four-year, $8 million contract extension back in 2014, GM Jim Nill called him a "big part of the team" going forward. So, let's take a look at the 2015-16 season.

While averaging 13:51 in ice time, Roussel tied for 10th on the team with 29 points, matching his career-high production in 2013-14. Of his 13 goals, €”six were game-winners—only Jason Spezza, with seven, had more. In the playoffs, he added another two points (2G).

Unsurprisingly, Roussel led the Stars with 123 penalty minutes during the regular season. Although it was still far and away more than second place, that total was down from both 2012-13 (209 PIM) and 2013-14 (148 PIM).

Here's what it looks like when everyone is (or isn't) on the ice with Roussel.

At his best, Roussel brings an endless supply of energy, welcomes animosity, and scores his share of big goals. He's also a member of the Dallas Stars Cat Club.

On the other hand, Roussel constantly toes the line, and his value is tied to whether he can keep from crossing it. When he does step over, his actions can be costly. In Game 2 vs. the Blues, St. Louis scored on both power plays that came from Roussel penalties, including the OT winner on an interference call.

All right, you're in the hot seat. It's time to cast your vote for how you think Roussel's season went.

How would you grade Antoine Roussel's season?