Dallas Stars 2013-2014 Top Moment #8: Tyler Seguin Hat Trick And The Cowboy Hat Wearing Linesman

Tyler Seguin's third hat trick of the season, and a cowboy hat wearing linesman, makes this year's top ten moment at number eight.

As part of our look back at the season that was, the DBD staff has put together a Top 10 list of the best moments of the season, moments that occurred within the course of the year that were highlights of this particular team and it's fight to the playoffs. They're ranked from 1-10, and we'll present them in reverse order, leading up to the top moment of the 2013-2014 season.

Tyler Seguin's offensive game really blossomed upon his move to Dallas. Moving back to his natural position of center, combined with playing alongside one of the top wingers in the league in Jamie Benn, he gave the Stars one half of a dazzling top duo to watch night in and night out.

He scored three hat tricks this season, with only one to his career prior to the move. On March 6th against the Vancouver Canucks, Seguin helped the Stars really begin their push to the playoffs. Against a team that was in a bit of a slump, coming into Dallas on a 1-6-1 skid, the Stars showed their killer instinct in taking two points away from a team they were in competition with for the last wild card spots in the west.

As Ralph Strangis said that night, it was fun to watch!

When it's going right, it's going right.

That Seguin grin has become familiar to Stars fans after he scores in that victory green that suits him so well.

Upon conclusion of the hat trick goal, Stars fans let fly their hats in that oldest of grand traditions. But one guy in particular stood out and was another in a line of social media hits the Stars had this year.

Aided by a linesman wearing his cowboy hat briefly before letting the ice girls collect it, Conrad Shindler and his hat became the embodiment of the fun the night had in store for Stars fans.

"I recently just started bringing the hat this year, but every time I kept wearing it, they kept winning." Shindler said in an e-mail after the game. "I didn't see why I would want to change the karma so I just kept wearing it."