Dallas Star Johnny Oduya Records First Goal

That was something. That's all I've got.

Johnny Oduya has scored with a knucklepuck. The Chicago Blackhawks import has his first goal as a member of the Dallas Stars. And that shot might be the weakest shot he has taken since signing with the Stars.

As pointed out on the broadcast, it almost looked like Radek Faksa might have tipped it. If he did he had the sense to not react knowing full well it wouldn't have been a legal goal given how high his stick was. Given the goal call on the ice there likely wasn't going to be enough video evidence to overturn it.

Though he has played well, Patrick Sharp is still waiting to score his first goal as a Star. You could have made some decent money betting on Oduya to score his first before Sharp.

As I'm writing this John Klingberg absolutely walks Pascal Dupuis. This team is fun.