Dallas Star Daily Links: Stars Active on First Day of NHL Free Agency

In which lots of players sign lots of contracts for lots of money, very few fans are as happy as Dallas Stars fans, and Jim Nill is not to be trusted when he speaks coyly...

Nooo!!! Our very own Toaster has been callously shipped off to the frozen wastes of Ontario! And for what? Can any good come of this?

I blame the rest of the staff here at DBD. And you guys. Everyone just had to keep mentioning Alex Chiasson as the number one trade piece. A fact which obviously didn't go unnoticed by Jim Nill. Come on guys. Why couldn't you have mentioned... or maybe, no wait... what about... hmm... nobody else coming to mind... *David taps his chin* Well whatever. I'll miss you Toaster.

Moving on.

Anybody hear what else happened yesterday? That's right. The Stars made a big splash by signing free agent Patrick Eaves. Ha! I jest. The real splash was made with the signing of Anders Lindback.

And perhaps with the trade for Jason Spezza. And the acquisition of Ales Hemsky.

Boy, it sure was a busy day in Dallas. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. Anybody have time to pay attention to what else happened around the league? Because believe it or not, a handful of other teams were also in on this feeding frenzy that is the beginning of free agency.

None of them did so well as the Stars though. Look! Some blogger said it, so it must be true!

* * *

I really don't know if it was prescience on his part, or whether he really did talk sense into all those free agents and Jason Spezza's out there, trying to decide on their next destination. Either way, Obscene Alex makes a pretty convincing argument for any player to want to play in Dallas. [Conference III]

Quotes following yesterday's moves by the Stars. My favorite, this one from Ales Hemsky: "I talked to [Jaromir Jagr] actually when he was in Dallas. I asked about Dallas, how it is and he said it's a great organization. I should definitely go play there one day. Now you mention that, I actually remember that but I forgot about that, so that's pretty funny actually." Pretty funny indeed. [Stars Inside Edge]

Jim Nill likes the way the Stars defense looks, even without any moves in free agency. Well, with one exception. [Sports Day DFW]

Remember last year when the Tyler Seguin trade was quite possibly the blockbuster of the summer? Well, the Stars are it again. [Puck Daddy]

How does the Spezza deal affect the Texas Stars, what with prospects being involved and all? Well, not too much actually. [100 Degree Hockey]

Just what we needed. The Western Conference to get even better. [NHL.com]

I had forgotten Stephane Robidas was a free agent. Was, but is no longer. Apparently he's Toronto bound. Lucky man. On a side note, did the author of this article really have to use a photo of Robi in a Ducks uniform, playing against the Stars? [Pension Plan Puppets]

So Paul Stastny didn't get a crazy long term deal. Only four years. Oh, and he's going to the St. Louis Blues. Surprise surprise. [St. Louis Game Time]

The Washington Capitals decided yesterday that the best solution to their terrible defense was to just throw money at it. And as a result, Matt Niskanen wins. Seriously though. End world hunger? Or sign Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen to stupidly long contracts? [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Thomas Vanek signs with the Minnesota Wild for three-years and $19.5 million, not long after turning down a seven-year, $50 million deal to stay with the Islanders. Proving once and for all, that it's not all about the money. Or maybe he just [bollocksed] up. [Hockey Wilderness]

Matt Moulson very excited to be returning to Buffalo. Yes, you read that right. [Die by the Blade]

Following his buyout by the Buffalo Sabres, Christian Ehrhoff signed a one-year, $4 million dollar deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I didn't know free agents still accepted one-year deals... [Pensburgh]

Other former-Star Brad Richards will become a familiar face again, as he's signed with the Chicago Blackhawks for one year. Wait a minute... is this one-year deal thing becoming a... thing? [Second City Hockey]

Although I suppose if you're the recipient of the windfall of a compliance buyout, money can be a secondary concern, and winning a Stanley Cup a primary. [Puck Daddy]

The Calgary Flames with the worst move in free agency? They seem to think so. Or at least their bloggers do. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

But hey, they also signed that pretty good goaltender who got run out of Anaheim because they liked their rookies better. [Matchsticks and Gasoline]

Remember when Jarome Iginla was a stalwart with one team, and one team only? Yeah, these days he's become quite the drifter. Welcome to the Central Division, Iggy. [Mile High Hockey]

There. Did I miss anybody? Well, yeah. Quite a few. You're gonna have to do your own digging for the rest though. I'm done. This link will help though. A handy dandy list of all the free agent signings thus far. [SB Nation]

And lastly, Alex Chiasson. Gone, but not forgotten: