Statistically the improvement is obvious. The Corsi% is significantly higher. More High Quality Chances are going in his teams favor than last year. A higher percentage of Scoring Chances are being generated. Personally, he is attempting double the amount of shots/60 minutes than last year.


Not only has Daley graded out better defensively, but his personal shot production is significantly higher. They just haven't gone in. Scoring production expectations were high for Daley coming off of his 16 goal campaign, but anyone who expected him to continue shooting 14% as a defender was highly optimistic. He's a career 6.5% shooter. If he keeps putting up underlying numbers like this the points will come.

The question is who that production will benefit...

10. Who is looking for defence? Ottawa for sure. Columbus, too. Yes, the Blue Jackets made a coaching change, but that hasn't stopped GM Jarmo Kekalainen from wanting to adjust his roster, too. Chicago's Trevor Daley could be had, but teams are careful about anyone with term. Daley's got one more season at $3.3 million. Thought he'd score there, but it hasn't worked so far.

...and that sucks for Daley. He has done everything he has been asked to do, reportedly been a good teammate, gotten used to a new system, team, and city, all while having what appears to be some bad luck offensively. And now the Blackhawks are willing to ditch him 19 games into the season. It stinks that this is happening to him and I hope he lands on his feet elsewhere so his improved overall game can benefit someone outside of the Central Division.