Calder Trophy and Vezina Voting: John Klingberg 5th, No Votes For Kari Lehtonen

John Klingberg gets votes, but finished way behind the top candidates.

Dallas Stars rookie defenseman John Klingberg was not a finalist for the Calder Trophy, but he did receive quite a few votes. He ended up in 5th place, but in a distant 5th. He came in 450 plus votes behind Filip Forsberg for 5th place and almost 100 votes behind Aaron Akblad.

Some voting results are already being Tweeted out:

This was a crowded Calder Trophy class, but Klingberg coming in 5th is pretty rough. I'm a bit surprised Mark Stone ended up coming in 2nd too. Congrats to Ekblad though.

The Vezina voting has just been released too. Carey Price picks up the Vezina. Vezina

The results here aren't too surprising. No votes for Kari Lehtonen. New York Rangers backup Cam Talbot inexplicably got a vote. Better than the Randy Carlyle vote I suppose.