Catching up with Stanley Cup of Chowder Before Tonight's Dallas Stars-Boston Bruins Game

We asked Cornelius Hardenbergh from Stanley Cup of Chowder seven questions about the Boston Bruins this year. You should probably come in and read his answers.

After a loss to James Reimer, I mean, the Toronto Maple Leafs last night the Dallas Stars play the Boston Bruins tonight at the TD Garden. The Bruins have played well this year and David Krejci is showing the league what Boston could have done last year, if healthy.

We asked Cornelius Hardenbergh from Stanley Cup of Chowder seven questions about the B's season so far. He was a good sport, and we appreciate his insight on the team. Let's dive in.


Defending Big D - This offseason will go down in Bruin folklore. There were trades, three consecutive first round draft picks, and weird free agent signings. How has that offseason shaped expectations of the team this season? And how have those expectations changed through 10 games played?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - The expectation after that, at least from me, was that the defense would be horrible. They played the first few games without Zdeno Chara and that was pretty much true. After he came back, they got on a little bit of a win streak and that's been quite nice. Only one win has come at home, so y'all may be in luck.

Defending Big D - The Stars and Bruins may be forever linked in a lopsided trade featuring Joe Morrow. Looking back two and a half years later, do you think the organization regrets trading Tyler Seguin? Were his issues only going to be resolved by a change of scenery? Is he still too SAWFT for the B's? (Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Stanley Cup of Chowder - I hope they regret it because everybody knew then and knows now that it was a stupid trade. Luckily, as a Bruins fan we get used to coping with trading young stars that want to get paid like a star after their ELC is up. As any fan of any other team can tell you, we've had the practice.

Obviously, he's too soft. He only scored one goal in the 2013 playoffs. Besides, what player has left Boston and been any good? HMMMMM????

Defending Big D - Zac Rinaldo was a strange addition to a team needing offensive help. How has he impressed you (one way or the other) in the early going of the season?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - He hasn't been as terrible as I expected. Heck, that one time he damn near killed Couturier turned out to be just a stupid predatory hit, not a suspension. We'll find out soon if he sparks another "Dallas Game."

Defending Big D - David Krejci has been a man possessed this season. Describe how he changes the complexion of the team. How much was his absence a factor in last season's result for Boston?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - Mannnnn. Last year's team was one point out of the playoffs. Amazing to think about how things would be different now if a lot of different things (like Chara, Hamilton, and Krejci getting hurt, or us having a total lack of options in net beyond Tuukka) had not happened. But there's no sense dwelling on the past, as any Stars fan will tell me when I complain about the North Stars getting stolen. Sometimes, there's nothing left to do but scream.

Defending Big D - What sort of changes can Stars fan expect to see on the Bruin's blue line? Hamilton was a horse for you guys last year. Who is playing the big defensive minutes? Who are the QBs on the powerplay units?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - Zdeno Chara is *the* horse. Other big-minute defensemen include Torey Krug, the small but talented American Hero. Also, Kevan Miller finds himself on the ice a lot. I don't personally think he's very good, but the upside is he's a lot less expensive that Dennis Seidenberg or Adam McQuaid. When Dennis Seidenberg comes back, I fully expect him to drag down Chara for 20+ minutes a game as I cry quietly.

Defending Big D - How many more years of Zdeno Chara do you expect to see? Do you think he will end his career as a Bruin?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - Zdeno Chara will never retire. The Forever Bruin. Harrumph.

Seriously, though, he works out more than most players in the league so I expect him to stick around for a good long time.

Defending Big D - How do you think the game will go against the Stars? Are you expecting Boston to try to slow the game down? Will the Bergeron line be able to contain Benn and Seguin?

Stanley Cup of Chowder - Boston is at home, therefore will lose. I hope Boston doesn't slow things down too much, unless you're talking about Krejci on offense, in which case let The Matrix do his thing. Bergeron could contain the entire Red Army if he was sent back in time. He is perfect.