If You See Something, Say Something (Or Don’t Steal Goalies’ New Masks, You Dodos)

An NHL goaltender’s mask went missing somewhere between Montreal-Dallas-Arizona. Do you know anything about it?

While the Arizona Coyotes may be your favorite team’s enemy on the ice, but off the ice their players are just like you and me: trying to get to a work meeting and praying the airline doesn’t lose your baggage or delay your flight.

What we don’t usually worry about, though, is having a customized goaltender’s mask taken from our luggage. Because that’s not something most of us need to get their jobs done. (Although wouldn’t it be awesome to bust into your next client meeting in full goaltending gear? That’d really set the tone to close that deal.)

Coyotes goaltender Louis Domingue does need that as his job in the desert requires it, and somewhere between Montreal and a layover in Dallas on his way to Phoenix, someone helped themselves to a little souvenir from his luggage.

Domingue has now realized every working traveler’s worst nightmare, but to a much larger degree than most of us. After all, clothes and shoes are easy to find to replace at your local retailer, while hockey masks take weeks to design, create, and arrive.

The mask, a masterpiece of artwork created by DaveArt, looked pretty sick for the upcoming season. I really enjoy goaltender’s mask artwork, and the subtle detail that they usually have in them that are meaningful to the wearer and/or the city they play for. Kids oooo and ahhhh over the goalies, and to see that taken unceremoniously just...well, it sucks.

So if you happen to work at the DFW airport and saw this mask, know someone who saw this mask, or have heard anything about this mask at all, please say something. Stolen sports memorabilia isn’t anything new, but it’d be great to reunite this mask with Domingue.

And (not so) secretly I hope that this didn’t occur at DFW Airport....I’d hate to think we stealing dodos out there.