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Dallas Stars Analysis

Bold Predictions for the 2022-23 Stars Season

They just keep getting bolder and bolder...

The Casual Critic’s Complete Guide to Hockey Analytics and Advanced Stats

A comprehensive guide to hockey analytics and advanced stats for those that want to learn more, those who aren’t convinced, and those caught between both worlds.

Cap Hit for Benn, Seguin Isn’t the Whole Story

Blaming players for negotiated contracts and expecting them to avoid the downside of the aging curve is horseshit. But running an NHL team isn’t easy.

So You Want to Play Defense for the Dallas Stars?

Jim Nill has a way of putting together the Stars blueline, and it isn’t particularly friendly to prospects.

What is Wrong with Jake Oettinger?

The Stars’ top goaltender has posted a .901 save percentage in the past month, and his heavy workload since February might be to blame.

A Mid-Season Evaluation of Jake Oettinger

Oettinger had the best game of his career against the Colorado Avalanche, but how has he faired as a whole this season?

Tabs on Tactics: Against Boston, Dallas Generated Good Offense From Good Luck

Dallas destroyed the Boston Bruins in January. Scoreboards can be misleading though.

Opinion: John Klingberg is Worth Every Penny. Just Not in Dallas’ System

With news that John Klingberg is on the verge of being traded, I’d argue he’s worth what he’s asking for...assuming he was utilized correctly.

How We Got to the Current John Klingberg Contract Impasse

The Stars can afford a new deal, but is the money best spent elsewhere?

Opinion: Denis Gurianov Can Do Better, But Dallas is the One Guilty of Not Trying

Denis Gurianov was healthy scratched by Rick Bowness for Tuesday’s tilt against Winnipeg, explaining why the NHL still has a problem developing its players.

Tabs on Tactics: Why Dallas’ Shell Against New York Almost Cost Them

In their season opener, Dallas tried to lock the game down against the New York Rangers in the second period. Why did a ‘lockdown’ open the game up instead?

Bold Predictions for the 2021-22 Dallas Stars Season

You would think I’d have learned my lesson by now...

Analysis: Who Are The 2021-2022 Dallas Stars?

What can we expect from the Dallas Stars for the 2021-2022 season? Something like their recent successes? Or something like their recent failures? Let’s dig deep to figure it out.

Traverse City: Stars End Tournament on a High Note, 7-3 Over the Blues

Dallas uses speed, odd man rushes to overwhelm a physical St. Louis squad. End tournament with a 1-3 record.

Traverse City: Toronto Takes Care of Stars, 7-3

Dallas outshoots another opponent, but defensive lapses and a lackluster finish send them to a third defeat.

Traverse City: Columbus Downs Stars in Chippy Contest

Wyatt Johnston adds two more goals, but it isn’t enough in a special teams dominated game.

Traverse City: Detroit Red Wings Survive Dallas Stars Third Period Comeback, 5-4

Hockey is back. Stars score three in the third, but they can’t shoot their way out of an excess of odd-man rushes in the first two periods.

Analysis: Thomas Harley is Probably NHL Ready, But Development is Complicated

Thomas Harley has all the tools to crack the Dallas Stars roster. Will it matter in a Cup Year? And can Dallas do something to help him develop?

Opinion: The Braden Holtby Signing Is A Huge Gamble That May Not Pay Off

The goaltender was signed to bring stability to the Stars’ crease, but he has been drastically outplayed by those already on the roster.

Analysis: Ryan Suter could be a good fit, but it comes with some risk for the Dallas Stars

With Ryan Suter signed for the next four years, the Dallas Stars get their veteran top four defender. He could be a good fit, but it’s easy to see the move going the other way too.

Seattle’s Expansion Draft Options In Dallas Are Relatively Bleak

It’s slim pickings in Dallas, but Seattle has some interesting options available for the upcoming Expansion Draft.

Analysis: How Close Are the Dallas Stars to Earning a Rematch with the Tampa Bay Lightning?

By ‘rematch’ I mean a return to the Stanley Cup Finals, but using the Tampa Bay Lightning as the standard to grade them against is a fun exercise with surprising results.

Opinion: It’s a tough choice, but the Dallas Stars should let Jamie Oleksiak walk

Jamie Oleksiak has turned into the player Dallas believed him to be when he was drafted. Why would it make sense to let him walk? That’s the four plus million dollar question.

Analysis: Returning Veteran Forwards Ready for Stanley Cup Push

They’re a year older, they’ve had the summer off, and there are contracts coming off of the books at the end of the year. Is the upcoming season Stanley Cup or bust for the Dallas Stars?

Analysis: Who Can the Dallas Stars Target in this Offseason’s UFA Bargain Bin?

Jim Nill loves landing the big fish. He likely won’t have the cap to do that for the 2021-2022 season. But this offseason’s bargain bin offers plenty of small fish who can play big games.

Analysis: Small Budget, Great Player Era Draws to a Close for the Dallas Blue Line

The Stars need to pay Miro Heiskanen, find him a reliable partner, and prepare for the end of John Klingberg’s team-friendly deal. Where does all of this lead?

Analysis: Baseline Salary Cap issues for the 2021-2022 Dallas Stars

Over the next month, we’ll be evaluating numerous trades and signings. Understanding the Stars’ current cap situation will help us keep grounded in reality.

What a Jack Eichel Trade Proposal Would Look Like for Dallas

Jack Eichel is the hottest name on the market right now. What would it take to get him in Victory Green?

How Could Blake Coleman Fit Into the Dallas Stars’ Plans Next Season?

Blake Coleman seems like the perfect fit for the Dallas Stars next season. He is. But it’s complicated.

Analysis: How Do the Stars Navigate the Known Unknowns in Net?

Dallas has three NHL quality netminders, but there are questions about each. General manager Jim Nill will need all of his jedi skills to navigate his way through this offseason.

Analysis: Between Radek Faksa, and Jason Dickinson, Who do the Dallas Stars Protect?

Joe Pavelski forced the Dallas Stars’ hand. When it comes to Seattle expansion, it’s gonna be either Radek Faksa or Jason Dickinson left unprotected. The decision is, for my money, an easy one.

Four On-Ice Lessons the Dallas Stars Can Learn from the Final Four

The stage is set, with the Canadiens vs. the Golden Knights, and the Lightning vs. the Islanders. Do the Dallas Stars have anything in common with them? If not, what can they learn?