All Star Game Highlights That You Might Have Missed

Did you have eyes for only Heiskanen? Or did you miss the All Star Game altogether? Here’s a quick roundup of the best weird, wacky, and wonderful moments from the weekend.

Friday and Saturday were awash with content from the 2019 NHL All Star Game in San Jose, providing a much-needed break from the bye week blues. To get you up to speed, here’s a roundup of some of the best posts from the event, ranging from star-studded socks to the women who demoed the skills and more.

For some, the festivities began even before arriving at the SAP Center. Don’t believe us? Just ask the Edmonton Oilers’ mascot, Hunter:

As the stars began to arrive, they were able to greet plenty of fans. Connor McDavid, Sidney Crosby, Henrik Lundqvist, and Marc-Andre Fleury spent time with soldiers and their families who were selected through the Your All Star Hero campaign conducted by the NHLPA:

We’re not sure why Colorado’s Mikko Rantanen is firing cupcakes and confetti out of a t-shirt cannon at Minnesota’s JT Brown, but we’re all for it. (We’re told it’s a Fortnite reference, apparently.)

The red carpet for arriving players was filled with flossing:

Gritty imitating the Fiji Water Girl:

And the Pittsburgh Penguins providing backlit shots of Kris Letang’s flow:

But the star of the red carpet? None other than Henrik Lundqvist. It looks like his tailor made him an offer he couldn’t refuse:

After the red carpet, players took part in various social media antics. We’re not sure what’s happening here, but it is hilarious to watch:

The teams posted photos of their players as they dressed for the skills competition on Friday night. Is there an award for most adorable photo? We think Letang and his son would have come in first place:

The Colorado Avalanche shared photos of their top line wearing their own socks — literally:

Once on the ice, there was a brief interlude for fashion once more, as Brent Burns showed off a perfect fishtail braid:

Not to be outdone, Auston Matthews did a quick outfit change to the jersey of his teammate, Patrick Marleau — a former Shark and still a hometown favorite:

Did you miss when members of the U.S. Women’s National Team demonstrated all those rad skills? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Here’s Kendall Coyne-Schofield turning on the afterburners for the speed competition:

Next, Brianna Decker demonstrated the passing event and beat Leon Draisaitl’s time. After #PayDecker began trending on Twitter, CCM announced they would be rewarding her the $25,000 prize money for the event. You can read about it here. Unfortunately, NBC chose not to film or air her demonstration, but you can watch a fan video of it filmed in the stands here.

Rebecca Johnston of the Canadian Women’s National Team demoed puck control and absolutely crushed it:

Saturday dawned bright and early for the players. Some, like Fleury and Letang, took trendy transportation to the arena:

All 31 mascots were present for the day’s events, but we think this photoset of Brent Burns’ son hanging with Colorado’s mascot takes the cake for most adorable moment:

A reporter caught up with Fleury after the Pacific Division were eliminated to chat about hockey families and actual families, with one of Fleury’s daughters in the coolest jacket we’ve seen all weekend (sorry, Lundqvist):

And finally, what this weekend is all about — growing the game of hockey. Canada’s Hockey Night Punjabi hosted their own on-air version of the skills competition. Our hats are off to these guys and we hope to see them in the All Star Game next year:

If you saw a post this weekend from the All Star Game that made your heart melt or captured the quintessential quirkiness of hockey, post it in the comments below!