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Afterwords: Let The Good Times Roll

Are the Stars a "must see" team in the NHL? It’s certainly trending that way...

Afterwords: Now That Was Fun

Opening night doesn’t get any better than this.

Afterwords: The End and the Beginning

Jake Oettinger’s legendary performance was not enough to push Dallas past Calgary, and now the offseason looms...

Afterwords: That’s A Kick To The Plums

Did the Stars collapse in the third period last night? Or was it the expected result of the team’s lead-defending strategy?

Afterwords: Hung Out to Dry

Oettinger is the only reason Dallas is still alive this series, but the Stars can’t continue to rely on him like this.

Afterwords: Breaking Down the Offense

Dallas finally broke through offensively, so let’s take a deep dive into it

Afterwords: That’s My Type

It was another low-event game, but that’s just how Dallas likes it.

Afterwords: Incomplete Effort Dooms Stars In Game 1

There were some positive takeaways from last night’s loss, but the Stars have a lot to work on if they want to upset Calgary.

My Winter Classic: An Unforgettable Experience

And you wonder why the NHL holds so many outdoor games each year.

Afterwords: Beating Chicago for Fourth Straight Time Still as Fun as First Time, Stars Confirm

The Blackhawks have nothing to console themselves with aside from those dusty old Stanley Cup rings.

Afterwords: Season Over

It went from bad to worse to less worse to worse again to really bad, and that was just the first period.

Afterwords: Kari Lehtonen's Game 6 Redemption

It happened, it made Game 7 necessary, and that means we get to feel all of these same things again tomorrow.

Afterwords: Brian Elliott, Dallas Stars Beat Stars

Dallas couldn't get out of its own way, and Elliott was usually there the few times Dallas did.

Afterwords: Cody and Kari Carry Stars Back Home

Overtime is a terribly wonderful thing, you know.

Afterwords: Stars Suffer Worst Loss of Season

(And can also even series 2-2 with a win on Thursday, but it sure doesn't feel like that, does it?)

Afterwords: Overtime Kind of Sucks, Turns Out

What about ties? Are ties still a thing? Those seem like a good idea.

Afterwords: Third Line Has First and Last Word

That was one of the most fun hockey games I have watched in a long time.

Afterwords: Stars Win a Playoff Series

I think I'm finally brave enough to admit that this actually happened.

Afterwords: Hockey Happened

Stage 5 is in full swing, and I absolutely love it, in the sense that I love how much better I will feel when I don't have to feel anything ever again.

Afterwords: Locking It Down After Messing Around

The Stars figured things out after a mess of a start to this one, and they have a 3-1 lead in the series to show for their efforts.

Afterwords: Riled-up Wild Outplay Dallas by Miles

It was pretty for a little while until it was very much not pretty for a longer while.

Playoff Game 2 Afterwords: Kari, Kari, Kari

Lehtonen came up huge from start to finish for Dallas, and it's hard to overstate just how huge that is.

Afterwords: Stars Overwhelm Depleted Wild

It felt good, it looked good, and it was good. A 4-0 win is an auspicious way to begin the playoffs.

Afterwords: How the West Was Won

Alex Ovechkin and Jason Spezza scored a couple of hat tricks to ensure the proper outcome tonight.

Afterwords: Avs Are Bad, Lose to Good Stars

The Stars clinched home ice in the first round tonight--no thanks to Chicago, who totally choked against St. Louis. But many thanks to Colton Sceviour.

Afterwords: Shorties and Sandwiches

I know which one I'd rather talk about after this game, and HINT: IT IS NOT THE SHORTHANDED GOALS

Afterwords: Comeback (against the) Kings

Dallas took their sweet time, but they finally got to three goals against Jonathan Quick. That was enough.

Afterwords: Benn Pops a 40

Seeing the white sweaters at home was beautiful to begin with, and the four goals Dallas scored made sure it ended beautifully, too.

Afterwords: Stars Fill in Perds (and Perds' Net)

The empty basketball net over your garage is being filled with pucks by the Dallas Stars right now.

Afterwords: Antti OK as PK Sinks Sharks' Ship

Dallas didn't do themselves any favors, but Antti Niemi never asked them to in a wonderful return performance for the Stars' netminder.

Afterwords: Arizona Sucks

There's your pithy teaser title. Now let's get to that sweet, sweet commiserating.

Afterwords: Blackhawks Socked, Playoffs Locked

Joel Quenneville said, "It was hard to watch." And he was correct, for all the best reasons.