Dallas Stars Daily Links: Robertson’s Natural Talent


Jason Robertson currently has 10 goals and 23 points in just 15 games. He’s T-6th in both categories across the NHL, and is on pace for a 54 goal, 125 point season. So what’s the secret? A big element of Robertson’s game is how the Dallas Stars forward excels in tight spaces: "You see certain guys around the league with good body control around traffic, around other bodies," linemate Joe Pavelski said. "A guy like Draisaitl, you’re like ‘Wow, that guy can protect the puck,’ so good that he creates more space for himself. "Jason’s like that. When he has it, he’s not giving it away, he’s not turning it over. He rolls out of the corners and puts himself in good areas to control the puck." It’s not just his puck handling either — Robertson uses the same skills to force turnovers, giving his team possession. It’s something that he’s always excelled at, whether you call it "practice makes perfect" or "natural talent:"