Stars Broadcasts in DFW Viewing Area

For those of you that live in the DFW viewing area, how are you watching the Stars games? The only possible ways I have read of for doing so are as follows:

1) Sign up with Spectrum cable or DirectTV. However, I already have Frontier Cable and internet, and for various reasons I don't want to change to a new provider.

2) Add on a DirectTV Stream service ($85/ mo.), which supposedly carries Bally Sports Southwest. Not only is this extremely expensive just to watch the Stars, but DirectTV's website does not show that they carry Bally Sports.

3) Add on an ESPN+ streaming service along with a VPN. This is reasonably priced and would allow me to get around the local streaming service blackouts, but the ESPN website shows that they only carry 11 Stars games on ESPN+, despite claims by numerous sports and tv journalists that ESPN+ now carries nearly all Stars games for the out of town market (which I could access via the VPN).

4) Access a pirated streaming broadcast via However, these streams frequently freeze up, and when I mirror the broadcast to my T.V. via my Apple TV, it only fills about 50% of the screen.

Has anyone tried options 2 or 3 within the DFW area to verify that they work for all Stars games, or do you know of any other way to access the Stars games? It's just infuriating that the Stars and NHL have allowed this situation to exist for two years now. I'm about ready to say to hell with them and just move on with my life, but I love hockey too much.

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