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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Seguin, Dickinson Join Reaves, Lehner in Kneeling for Anthems

The four players joined together for a powerful statement last night. Plus, analyzing last night’s loss, whether or not “defense wins championships,” and more.

Dallas Stars v Vegas Golden Knights - Game One Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images

Before last night’s game against the Vegas Golden Knights, Ryan Reaves spoke briefly with Tyler Seguin. He told him that he and teammate Robin Lehner were going to kneel during both the American and Canadian anthems, and asked Seguin if he wanted to join.

Seguin agreed, and the three along with Jason Dickinson joined together for a powerful pre-game moment:

“Before the game, I went into the dressing room and told everyone what I was doing,” Seguin said. “Told them there was absolutely no pressure to do anything. Dickinson grabbed me and said he’d like to be a part of it, and support his beliefs and my beliefs, and support me as a teammate.”

Seguin and Dickinson said they weren’t sure if they would kneel during future Dallas Stars game, emphasizing that tonight was about making a statement and lending their support to Reaves and Lehner. Their hope is that their actions will inspire others to open their minds and think hard about some serious issues:

“Black Lives Matter, equality, justice. You can pick the term, it doesn’t really matter,” Dickinson said. “I don’t need to sit here and take a stab at all issues. Just educate yourself, look into things, watch documentaries, talk to people. Just learn, try to open your mind a little bit, and this is a big issue that needs to be addressed.”

You can read more from Matthew DeFranks here.

Stars Stories

Here are some additional quotes from the players, including those from Lehner and Reaves:

Onto the game — the Stars ultimately lost 5-3 to the Golden Knights after blowing a 3-1 lead:

Sean Shapiro takes a deep dive into the Stars’ “turtling” efforts in his 20/20 of the game:

Around the League

Say what you will about a 24 yeam playoff system, but it sure does serve up a lot of hockey for us to watch:

Back to Svechnikov briefly — let’s just say he was the 2nd overall pick in the 2018 NHL Draft for a reason:

Is defensive hockey truly the best way to go in the playoffs? Survey says yes, and the stats might agree:

Finally, here’s a deep dive into the history of the NHL’s charge for racial equality: