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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Stars Reap Rewards For Solid Play

From Klingberg’s shot to Khudobin’s tape, Sean Shapiro looks at all the angles from Sunday’s game. Plus, Joe Pavelski’s historic hat trick, Texas stakes its Hockeyville claim, and more.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Dallas Stars at Calgary Flames Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars often struggle to reap the rewards of fundamentally decent play, and the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs have been no exception so far. So it seems pretty important that they did both during another series-tying game with the Calgary Flames on Sunday afternoon.

Sean Shapiro examines the Stars’ latest win – starting with John Klingberg’s unique point shot and why it confounds netminders...

It’s a floating, high shot from the point. That’s not common in the NHL – in fact, it’s not common in hockey at any level. Defensemen are coached at a young age to keep their point shots low and hard, not in the areas where they could hit a body or teammates in front of the net....

Klingberg joked about it after the game that he just has too big of a curve, but in reality, it’s not a joking matter. It’s a reason why he’s one of the most unique defensemen in the NHL.

...through Ben Bishop and his worrying injury status:

Bishop was the Stars’ starter in Game 2 and while he won that game, he looked a bit rusty and behind the pace of the game – specifically with his recoveries – after missing the final two games of the round robin due to injury.

[Anton] Khudobin has been a well-cashed-in insurance policy as the 1B and once again performed well, but Bishop’s injury history and this latest development lead to further concerns for the goalie’s future and serve as a constant reminder that a high-quality backup is key to team success during the length of Bishop’s contract. the Flames’ attempt to throw the book at Dobby, with negligible results:

The Flames tried to play mental games with Khudobin by pointing out to the referees that the goalie wasn’t using white tape on the knob of his stick and instead was using green like he’s been using all season....

Khudobin made his stick compliant by adding a strip of white tape on the top of the knob.

And, no, I didn’t know this was a rule until today.

There’s much more behind the paywall. [The Athletic DFW]

Stars Stuff

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You can always use a little more Klinger. Enjoy.