Hockey Stats Website Inspired by Defending Big D

As someone who grew up in Dallas and was introduced to hockey too late in life, Defending Big D and the fans here taught me everything I know about hockey and the Dallas Stars. I would read this site and the great content that would be put out every day.

The enjoyment y'all have brought me over the years inspired me to make a hockey stats website, to allow an interactive approach to looking at hockey data. This is a dashboard so it works best on desktop but will work on mobile.

The website is This is a passion project and does not have ads or anything, so I hope it doesn't appear like I am spamming.

All teams are included in this and is currently only focused on the current season. The project is still at the very beginning stages and will include past seasons and advanced stats in the long term.

I would love to hear this communities feedback, in order to make it useful for y'all.

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