2019-20 Fantasy Hockey

So a few years ago I was in a DBD fantasy league that was a lot of fun. Unfortunately it kind of fell apart and I got busy with other things, but I think I'll have more time this season and I'd like to recreate it as much as possible.

The roster is 4 players at each forward position, 6 defensemen, 1 utility player, 2 goalies, and a 5 man bench.

The scoring is head-to-head total points. Stats counted are:


  • Goals (2)
  • Assists (1.6)
  • Penalty minutes (-0.1)
  • Power play points (0.5)
  • Shorthanded points (1.5)
  • Faceoffs won (0.05)
  • Faceoffs lost (-0.05)
  • Hat tricks (2)
  • Shots (0.2)
  • Hits (0.15)
  • Blocked shots (0.3)
  • Defensemen points (0.6)
  • Games started (0.5)
  • Wins (3)
  • Goals against (-2.8)
  • Saves (0.3)
  • Shutouts (6)
  • Overtime losses (1.5)

I'm hoping for 16 teams, but if there isn't that much interest then there will just be fewer teams. I'll update this post with how many teams are taken as people join.

Draft will probably be the weekend before the season starts (September 28-29), I'll put up a poll or something for people to vote.

Link to join.

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